Easier. Faster. Better.

I really enjoyed the training. The hands on left me feeling I could go home and replicate what we did in class. Excellent job. Great instructors and everybody was more than helpful. Thanks for all you do.

Billy McShan

Engraving is a key piece to the future of concrete design. My favorite tools are made by Engrave-A-Crete.

Rick Lobdell
Concrete Mystique Engraving

Thank you EAC staff for the guidance and support!

Tony Sousa
Concreto Decorativo do Brasil

LRM4000 in 1996, Barracuda, Shark and Wasp a couple of years ago. Still using them all BTW, I am still using the three original blades I bought with the engraver in 1996. I have a new blade ready when and if they wear out.

Larry Stewart

Great quality tools to make your job easy creating great designs on existing concrete for reasonable prices.

Bhaskaranand Ramdeo

Breaking into a field new to you is in itself a difficult thing to undertake without getting at times overwhelmed. This seminar is absolutely great at helping you overcome those feelings and go on to run this type of business with more confidence. It prepares you not only with showing you techniques and giving you a guided hand through learning this business, but they offer all the tools, products and years of knowledge to make your business a success.

Erika Hammer

I waited 2 years to come to this training, so I was very happy to be here. The training and information met my expectations as well as that of my husband who actually started out as a skeptic. he soon changed his mind – after the first day. I don’t know who wants to get started sooner, him or me!

Wendy Morgan-Edwards
South Africa

It was clear from the beginning that the staff at Engrave-A-Crete knows their stuff. The products they sell are second to none. It is clear they are the industry leader in providing products that are durable and easy to use. They clearly believe in what they do and stand behind their products.

John Steinman
New Mexico

We own almost every tool Engrave-A-Crete has produced. When we purchased our turnkey package, we were provided the following: Sandroid, Blasting Betty, Shark, Barracuda, Cobra, Mongoose and the Wasp. We use the Mongoose the most and the Kaleidocrete System a close second.
We have been very impressed with the quality of the tools and their maneuverability. Their craftsmanship and reliability to complete our projects speak volumes.

Derek Farley, Jared Huber
South Dakota

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Engrave-A-Crete training many, many years ago.
Thank you Darrel, for creating the tools we need to bring our creativity to life.

Brian Bradford

I would like to thank Engrave-A-Crete for their support and for being as thorough as possible about every aspect of their products. Prior to the seminar, I used many different products; yours being the most consistent and aesthetically pleasing. I look forward to being a part of your family — which is the way I was treated at your seminar. It is very rare to find a company as dedicated to the success of their customers as much as their own. A truly innovative company that shows genuine concern for the customer; not just about the money. Thank you all very much!

Jason Thorn

Do you remember the fairy tale about Rumpelstiltskin's secret?

No stencils, no overlay, no rubber stamp mats, no dust clouds, no bull!

Rumpelstiltskin was that short dude who could spin straw into gold, but wouldn’t tell anybody his secret – except in trade for their first-born child.

We'll tell you a secret, and it's no fairytale. We've developed tools that can spin existing concrete into gold...well...actually, with your help the machines spin around on concrete and produce cash which then can be traded for gold. These tools won’t cost your first born, either.

Look around - there's naked concrete everywhere in the world. Naked concrete is gray. It's plain. And most of it is ugly. What a market!

Magical Transformations for the Real World

With one mouse click, you can enter the realm of real life make-overs in our gallery. Every single one of those concrete surfaces started out plain, and most were cracked, worn and super ugly. Your eyes aren't deceiving you...those transformations are all the result of our decorative concrete engraving tools and processes. Who wouldn't want gorgeous concrete like that!

What is engraved concrete? It's not stamped. It's not a topping or an overlay. It's cutting patterns into plain or decoratively-stained concrete. Sometimes the engraving happens first, and then individual elements are hand-stained for stunning effects.