Linear Tracking System

Compatible with Mongoose X, Mongoose 3, Cobra, Lil’ Beaver and SawKart

For Installation of:

  • Engraving closely spaced design cuts for:
  • Narrow wood plank
  • Intricate tile patterns
  • Long parallel cuts 

Also For Installation of:

Wide and deep- wide cuts, kerfs, slots or grooves are cut using standard diamond blades by sideways step cutting or step cutting to depth.

Uses for:

  • Robotic /Wire guidance systems
  • Recessed parking lot stripes
  • Safety grooving
  • Water drainage grooves
  • Pipe and conduit slots
  • Warehouse safety stripe recesses
  • Installation of LED floor lighting strips


  • Anchored  to the slab -or not
  • Few chalk lines to measure and snap
  • Parallel connecting tubes maintain lateral rigidity
  • Connecting tube support wheels prevent sag.
  • Linear carriage has multiple positions connecting tube slots.
  • Connecting tube spreaders keep tubes parallel.
  • Continuous linear rail stand-off
  • Stackable rail: end to end -No limits on length for continuing cuts
  • Linear Rail is mountable to a ¾ plywood base-eliminates anchor holes.


*Best practice: use optional multi-directional wheels on the saw.



Use of a linear track eliminates errors and little wiggles that are commonly seen when scoring patterns for narrow wood plank, intricate tile patterns, or any other long parallel cuts.   Simple straight lines like borders are made easier to cut. Notably, the security of a concrete engraving tool securely attached to a perfectly straight linear rail is comforting.

Robotic /Wire guidance systems often require deep straight cuts leading into perfect radius arcs to provide graceful guidance.  

Linear Tracking System

Makes cutting linear patterns, such as wood plank designs, quick, accurate and easy.  Simply determine the measurement between lines, set up the Linear Tracking System, attach your Engrave-A-Crete saw and go! Perfectly spaced lines every time.

Model #: MGX-536  $965.00