Why limit your colors to this planet?

With Liquid Nebula, you can choose from the color palette of the gods…Galactic, Ghost of Jupiter, Super Nova, Helix…20 outrageously beautiful metallic color additives for epoxy.

Made of millions of suspended reflective pigments, Liquid Nebula powder mixes into epoxy to give both residential and commercial spaces the high-end, ultra-modern look so popular today. Use a single color for elegance, or blend colors for a breathtaking effect.

Liquid Nebula offers infinite design possibilities based on color choice and application techniques. The result is a durable, glossy surface with the breathtaking depth of color found only in the cosmos.

Choose from 20 dazzling colors for out-of-this world flooring options.


Liquid Nebula

Metallic pigment available in 20 brilliant colors.



Great for commercial and residential applications.