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Concrete Stains

Plain concrete becomes jaw-dropping beautiful with the application of Concrete Resurrection stains and sealers. Available in a wide range of colors, our stains are manufactured in-house by chemical specialists to assure you a consistent, high-quality product that gives good results every time. And, our staining experts are on hand for continued customer support.

Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC)

Black Walnut Rich Mahogany Clay Canyon Western Saddle Brown Stone Golden Sand Olive Mist Azure Sky Mossy Oak Summer Wheat Mountain Road Honey Oat

Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) Stain is a single component solution of acidic metallic ion particles, which when applied to concrete, chemically reacts with the particles in the cement (free alkali) to form oxides in the pores of the concrete.

What Makes Concrete Resurrection RAC Stain Different?

Richer colors
Concrete Resurrection RAC stains produce richer more pleasing concrete acid stain colors that your customers will love.
Quick reaction with concrete
With Concrete Resurrection RAC stains, a color-change is noticed much sooner than with other acid stains.
UV Stable
Concrete Resurrection RAC stains are designed to be used outdoors.
1 Gallon covers 100-500 square feet depending on dilution.
Less Residue
Not only does less of the stain wash off as residue when you neutralize, but you also don't have to mess with that white powdery residue left by other acid stains.
Less Odor
You won't get that overwhelming stench when you apply Concrete Resurrection RAC stains like you do with other acid stains
Ongoing Technical Support
When you purchase Concrete Resurrection, you get FREE ongoing Technical Support - Click here for more information.