Decorative Concrete Engraving Artistic Expression

A gallery of artists taking decorative concrete to a whole new dimension.

beautiful pheasantintricate tile and brick job utilizing many decorative concrete engraving and staining techniquesChris Swanson combines concrete polishing with engraving beautifullyIntricate walkway with dogwood flower medallions surrounded by various cobblestone patterns
tremendous Lutheran Rosegorgeous use of WRC stain colorsWe liked this design so much, we use it as our Concrete Resurrection stain line's logoCarlos Delgado is a true artist and his medium is concrete
Koi pond with bridge, and African cemetery memorial by Carlos Delgadointricate courtyarddecorative concrete sun and moon and starsEngraving a map of the USA into this school playground was an interesting combination of engraving and WRC Concrete Resurrection stain use
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