Mantello Resurfacer

Mantello Resurfacer is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that provides superior coverage to transform damaged, worn or unsightly concrete into an unblemished surface. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives Mantello Resurfacer exceptional durability and tenacious holding power.

Mantello Resurfacer from Engrave-A-Crete gives you incredible features!

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Readily accepts Concrete Resurrection acid and pigmented decorative concrete stain
  • Perfect for engraving in an endless variety of patterns
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Bonds tight to existing stable concrete
  • Environmentally progressive - no need to remove unsatisfactory concrete
  • Affordable and dependable

Tap into the power of Mantello Resurfacer from Engrave-A-Crete today. Your customers will be impressed.

Mantello Resurfacer Premium

CR-106 Premium White or CR-107 Premium Graybucketwhite

50 lb. Bucket $59.95


Coverage per 50 LB BucketMicro-topping application - 1/32” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM or Squeegee - 205 SF.

Smooth Coat application – 1/16” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM, Squeegee, or Fresno – 102 SF

Heavy Coat application – 1/8” thickness using a Magic TrowelTM, Squeegee, or Pool Trowel – 51 SF

Mantello Micro Topping

MicroTop is a single component polymer cement coating for stable concrete surfaces that creates a new, unblemished top surface for damaged, worn or unsightly concrete. The proprietary blend of ingredients gives MicroTop exceptional durability and the tenacious holding power needed to eliminate delamination, peeling and flaking. Readily accepts Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) stain and Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain (see TDS for application instructions.)

white microtopping

50 lb. Bucket $49.95



Mantello Counter Top Admix

Get the high performance concrete mix you need for counter tops with Mantello Counter Top Admix. No need to pay high shipping costs for 80 lb. bags of material. Simply purchase your concrete bag mix locally and add Mantello Counter Top Admix right on the job site.

Mixing ratio: (1) pkg. Admix to (1) 80 lb. concrete bag mix.

  • Increases strength
  • Lightens concrete color
  • Adds fine particles resulting in a denser top finish
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Accelerates set time
  • Improves finishing characteristics


Counter Top Admix $49.25




"As a decorative concrete professional, a trustworthy overlay product can mean profit or loss, and satisfied or dissatisfied clients. I had been disappointed with the previous products I had used, so I was open to change.

My first project to use it [Mantello] on was an aggregate wash (exposed aggregate) patio. The client wanted a spray texture for the slip resistance and a slate pattern engraved. I called Engrave-a-Crete to ask a few questions about it and the staff was very informed about the product. They said it could be sprayed and engraved.

The first time I used it, I was impressed! The product goes down thin, yet holds tightly together to yield a solid surface. It is easy to smooth, and doesn't dry too quickly to work it.

Unfortunately within 3 hours of pouring it, a storm came and drenched the product, but it held strong and cured timely even with the rain. In my opinion, this product outperforms its claims. Great product at an affordable price! Thanks Engrave-a-Crete."

Braden from Jackson, MS

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