Shark™ Concrete Engraver


One of the major components of the KaleidoCrete™ package is the Shark™ Concrete Engraver. Precision made of tool steel and heat treated alloy steel, the Shark is air conservative using only 5 to 8 cfm @ 2250 BPM.

The 1.125" diameter driver easily powers the 64 heat treated impactor teeth. These teeth eat up the concrete and stone aggregate leaving a detailed cut, up to 6+mm (1/4") inch deep.

Price: $995.95



Barracuda™ Concrete Engraver


Mid-sized Mochton Stylus “Barracuda” Concrete Engraver has 29 replaceable impactors. This mid-sized concrete engraver is great for cutting deigns that have fine detail. With its specially designed head, it can cut into most small openings. Weighs 6 pounds.

Price: $695.95



Wasp™ Concrete Engraver


When it comes to touching up, removing islands, voids, and adding extra details to the engraved pattern, the Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp Concrete Engraver is a handy pneumatic tool. The Wasp’s name comes from its design- it has a single reciprocating carbide stylus cutter, called a "Stinger".

Price: $295.95






kcrete pro pack

KaleidoCrete Pro Pack


  • Shark™ Concrete Engraver
  • Barracuda™ Concrete Engraver
  • Mini-Mochton Stylus™ Wasp™ Concrete Engraver
  • Accessory Items Includes:
    • 50' Air Hose w/ Couplers
    • Replacement Stylus Impactors for Shark (130/pk)
    • Replacement Stingers for Wasp (6 pack)
    • Air Tool Oil
    • Mastering Concrete EngravingDVD

Price: $1,795.00





Custom Templates Galore

From your photograph, line drawing or ideas, we can fabricate and ship by UPS a KaleidoCrete™ HDPE template for any pattern in any size you need. For example... how about a floor mural cut into the concrete, say 20 feet high and 100 feet long ... a string of trunk-to-tail circus elephants with a beautiful maiden riding high on the lead’s head... the elephants all wearing the finest colorful circus attire. These things are all possible and much, much more! What can you imagine?