All New Decorative Concrete Hands-On Workshop

Designed for the seasoned professional as well as those just starting out!  Classes are held at our training facility in Mansfield, MO.

While You're Here You'll Learn…

The Secrets to Engraving Designs into Concrete

From low-tech to state of the art, you'll learn how to make fast, high-quality installations like those shown in our gallery. Engraving puts the pattern into the concrete, meaning no call-backs for chipping or delamination. That's good news for you and for your customer.

You'll get plenty of hands-on experience with the outstanding line of Engrave-A-Crete tools as you complete actual projects from start to finish.


  • Cobra — Our precision, upright engraver known for its power and accuracy lets you cut beautiful circular brick, linear brick, tile, cobblestone and many other popular patterns.
  • Mongoose X  —An easy-to-use engraver with a stand-up handle and a brand-new pointing system.
  • KaleidoCrete System — The Barracuda and Wasp are impacting tools that give you the freedom to engrave intricate designs using templates.
  • Sandroid — This re-circulating sand blasting system gives fine and delicate details, indoors or out.

Correct and Creative Stain Applications


NOT a throw-it-down-and-call-it-done staining class! You'll learn techniques from basic to advanced that take decorative concrete stain jobs from ho-hum to high class and give you an edge over the competition.


Sealers - Uncover the mystery around sealers, what to use and when.

Project Planning and Design Layout (Basic and Advanced)

  • How to measure and lay out basic patterns such as tile, Ashlar slate, circles and wood plank — popular bread and butter patterns that can turn a profit
  • Hands-on experience with Engrave-A-Crete tools. Practice on our concrete where mistakes don't matter!

All important Prep Instructions


Your entire job can depend on how well you prepare the surface of the concrete. You'll learn the essential steps of…

  • Testing the slab for moisture
  • Evaluating the concrete
  • The correct tools and chemicals to use
  • How to prep for acid staining
  • How to prep for water-based stains
  • Mastic Removal
  • Power Troweled vs. Broom FinishedIMG_1979

When and How to Repair Cracks

  • Deciding what caused the crack and how to address it
  • What repairs work best, and the bad fixes that will come back to haunt you
  • Learning when NOT to repair cracks
  • How to disguise or incorporate cracks so they become part of the design

Introduction to Overlay

  • When to Overlay
  • How to apply Mantello Resurfacer for perfect adhesion
  • How to use Mantello Resurfacer with stains and sealers
  • Troweling techniques
  • Stampable vs Microtopping vs Resurfacer
  • Integral Color
  • Antiquing

The Ins and Outs of MarketingIMG_1195

We’ll share valuable insider tips and important marketing strategies to help you become a strong contender in the decorative concrete industry. We'll teach you about:

  • Structuring your business
  • How to price jobs for a good profit
  • Choosing an effective name for your business
  • Using the Internet for marketing
  • Using Google and social media to market your business
  • How to get the most out of Home Shows
  • How to market by mail
  • The importance of word of mouth marketing
  • Marketing on the job site
  • How to present well to new prospects

Learn from the Experts

Engrave-A-Crete is a unique company because we are the leading pioneer and world's single largest designer and manufacturer of decorative concrete engraving tools, stains, process, training and supplies. The father-son team of Darrel and Brandon Adamson, president and vice-president and co-founders of Engrave-A-Crete, Inc., invented and patented many of the decorative concrete engraving tools we produce right here in our 78,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and training facility in Mansfield, MO. Both Darrel and Brandon enjoyed highly successful careers as decorative concrete contractors and businessmen. Now they have condensed their vast knowledge of concrete as a medium, their decorative expertise utilizing Engrave-A-Crete precision crafted tools, and their extensive experience with our products and processes to put together two levels of decorative concrete training unequaled in the industry. You get the best from the best!

So… You've Almost Decided to Register for Training, But There Are Still Some Concerns in Your Mind:

Will you find enough work?
Think of all the plain gray concrete you see — new construction, landscape renovations, home remodels — Oh yeah, there's plenty of work out there.
Will you make a profit?
Recalculate expenses and fees… Sure, the numbers make sense and they show a good profit.
Do you have enough self-discipline to be your own boss?
Remember prioritizing time last weekend — projects completed, bank account balanced, time spent with family and friends — you know you can do it.
Will attending a workshop make a difference?
Read over what you'll learn at the workshop and the testimonials that back up our claims…
That quickening of your breath means go for it.

Confidence returning, you decide. With one mouse click your world changes. Your potential grows. Your strength increases. You lean back in your chair and put your feet on the desk. You rule.

View the workshop through the eyes of an attendee. Thank you Mastic Masters for your video.

Decorative Concrete Hands-On Workshop

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March 6-8, 2019

Cost  $695

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  • Location:  Mansfield, MO
  • Time: 9:00-5:00 daily, three days
  • Includes:  Certification & Training Manual
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch & Beverages provided


Reserve your space with a $100 non-refundable deposit!

Complete Business On Wheels

biz-op-4The Engrave-A-Crete Trailer Package is a concrete engraving business ready to go to work. Our most popular engravers, accessories and support equipment are included and organized for easy access, use and storage.