Tack Strip Pop-Outs – Watch Them Disappear

Ugh, tack strip pop-outs! Those pesky holes left in concrete when tack strip is removed can bring on a contractor’s profanity-laced headache and send a job south in a hurry.

This all too common problem is sometimes solved by filling the pop-outs with a concrete repair mixture, usually with disastrous results.

Any repair mixture used will have a different texture and finish than the original concrete, meaning it will accept stain differently from the rest of the floor. What were once holes become splotches of color that highlight the pop-out problem rather than solving it.

Chris Mirabal, Technical Advisor for Engrave-A-Crete, has perfected a method for repairing pop-outs without the staining nightmare that occurs using other methods.

Chris says:

  1. Clean out any loose concrete from around the pop-out. Prep the entire floor surface as usual.
  2. Apply the stain to the entire area according to directions, including the pop outs. Just ignore those holes for now!
  3. Apply the first coat of sealer and let it dry completely.
  4. Mix up some CR-530 Inside Epoxy.
  5. Pour the epoxy into the pop-out. Be careful not to overfill or underfill. Since there is no expansion or shrinkage as the epoxy dries, it’s important to fill the pop-outs flush with the surface.
  6. Once the Epoxy is fully dry, apply another coat of sealer to the entire floor.

The pop-outs are now filled with a clear epoxy that allows the stain color to show through and is flush with the surface. Since no new concrete was added, the stain color/pattern is consistent throughout, including the pop-outs. The second coat of sealer provides an even finish to the floor.

Presto! The pop-outs have disappeared.

Thanks, Chris!

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