Concrete Resurrection Green Process

Concrete Resurrection and Engrave-A-Crete offers an eco-friendly process that uses decorative staining and engraving to repurpose existing concrete. The products we stock are used to accomplish greener purposes. Specifically, we strive to:

To achieve this process, we offer Concrete Resurrection, a specialty line of stains, sealers and accessories that produce minimal to no VOCs or are water-based. Our packaging and packing materials utilize at least 10% recycled material to further control waste accumulation.

We want to do our part to protect our environment. We are constantly watching for new products or processes we can apply which will make environmental protection an active and successful project.

Old concrete may not seem important in the global picture, but everything that we can do to recycle, reduce and reuse resources will require less energy and have minimal impact on our environment. Our customers have shown their clients how a piece of vintage concrete that was considered an eyesore can become a pleasant, useful item making a low-maintenance contribution to the community and the environment.