Introduction to XtraDimensional Vertical Concrete

It’s Not That Complicated.

This one day, hands-on workshop teaches you the basics of XtraDimensional Vertical Concrete.

While you’re here you’ll …

  • See how to construct an armature (framework) that is exceedingly easy and cheap when using common materials such as recycled pallets, wire, lath, rebar, EPS foam and more.

  • Discover which concrete mix to use for what and where. Know how to choose from a variety of mixes and admixes for scratch coat, build coat and carving.

  • Find which tools work best – Work with texturing rollers, stamps, texturing trowels and carving tools to get the look you want.

  • See how to get dimension and depth on your projects.

  • Learn vertical hand stacked concrete carving.

  • Determine when sprayed-on micro-thin shell overlay on EPS foam can be used vs thin shell concrete.

  • Identify methods for getting a realistic appearance.

  • Gain basic knowledge about coloring your projects with unique staining methods to give your project a natural look.

This workshop is held in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mansfield, MO and runs from 8:30-4:30. Lunch is served.

Intro to XtraDimensional Vertical Concrete


· Construct an armature

· Apply scratch coat and build coat

· Carve to give your project dimension & depth

· Color for a natural look

· Finishing your project



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