Interior Sealers

Other companies say they have interior sealers, but with Concrete Resurrection Interior Sealers, you'll never have to worry about a volatile situation indoors because our interior sealers are truly formulated for interior surfaces.

Inside Acrylic

CR-515 Inside Acrylic is a low odor, non-toxic, water reducible acrylic emulsion.


Low Gloss

Medium Durability

Good for Residential

For increased durability coat with CR-520 Inside Floor Finish

Inside Epoxy

CR-531 Inside Epoxy is a two component, 100% solids resin system used as a low, medium or high build coating.


High Gloss

High Durability

Good for Residential or Commercial

*Moisture Barrier may be used

Inside Matte Urethane

Matte Urethane is ideal for applications where a low odor, matte finish, abrasion resistant (including hot tire pick up) coating is required. It is a high solids, two-component, water based, aliphatic polyurethane with low VOC.

First Coat 200-300 sq ft/gal @ 3-4 mils.

Matte Finish

Top CoatĀ 


Concrete Resurrection Polyaspartic gives the hard shine of epoxy without the long cure time, saving you man hours and maximizing profit.

High Gloss

Most Durable

Good for Residential or Commercial

Can be used on Exterior Surfaces

Recommended for Countertops and Dry Climates

Waxes and Floor Finish

Inside Floor Finish

CR-520 Inside Floor Finish is a high gloss, long lasting and renewable maintenance coat for interior decorative concrete floors.

Color Enhancing Concrete Wax

Floor Wax is an environmentally friendly material using natural waxes derived from renewable resources. It is non-flammable, non-combustible and safe to use in any interior environment. Pleasant smelling and easy to use, Floor Wax an excellent choice for a low sheen sealer alternative.

Concrete CounterTop Wax

CounterTop Wax is an easy to apply non-toxic natural beeswax finish for counter tops. It is Made with food grade ingredients, it seals the surface and has natural antimicrobial properties. CounterTop Wax can be applied directly to the concrete counter top or over the top of densifiers and/or water proofers. It can also be used on wood tops, chopping blocks and metal tops such as copper and stainless steel. Easy to apply, easy to renew and easy to fix scuffs and scratches.