Don’t Go Empty Handed

It’s important to maximize the time you spend with your prospective customer during the bidding process. Chris Mirabal, Senior Tech Advisor, says there are a few things you should always take along.

Moisture Meter — determines the amount of moisture in the concrete.

  • Contact the probes to the surface in several areas. The scale should read in the safe zone for stain and sealers to work properly.
  • Readings above the safe zone are a red-flag warning. “Assume moisture is coming up through the concrete,” Chris says, “and then run like hell because the job is at high risk of failure.”

Marbles — a perfect indicator for low spots on the surface. Drop 6 or 8 marbles. They’ll immediately roll to the low areas, giving you a real heads-up on what may happen during the job…

  • During floor prep water will collect in the low areas. Pooling water can be a nasty problem if adjacent to a wall, because the water can run under the sill plate and damage the floor next door.
  • Stain, particularly acid stain which is thin, will naturally flow to the low area resulting in a darker color there.
  • Epoxy will flow to the low area, whether you are using it to backfill cuts or applying it to the entire surface.

Tape Measure — choose the type you like best.

  • Measure accurately. Your profit margin depends on you correctly estimating the amount of supplies and labor costs based on square footage.
  • Remember to measure closets, pantries, and other out of the way spaces that add to your estimate.

Marketing Materials — speak to the customer long after you’re gone.

  • Business cards — Be sure the information is correct. Write a personal message on the back. For example: “Thanks, Sam, for allowing me to bid on your project.”
  • Brochures — Professional looking hand-outs show what you can do. Include testimonials from your customers.
  • Idea Book from Engrave-A-Crete — An ideal and inexpensive way to upsell a project. Leave a copy with your customers and let them dream.

So when it comes to the bidding meeting…plan ahead, learn as much as you can while you’re there, and leave the customer knowing he’s about to hire a professional who can transform dull concrete to drop-dead beautiful.