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Visions N Crete flagstone with deer prints 3Flagstone is a popular decorative concrete pattern around the world. The amazing thing is that no two flagstone jobs turn out exactly the same.

Color choice, shading, layout, grout line size…the list of differences goes on and on, making each installation one of a kind.

Brian Houghton of Visions-N-Crete with the Engrave-A-Crete Shark.

Brian Houghton of Visions-N-Crete with the Engrave-A-Crete Shark.



Brian Houghton of Visions-n-Crete, Keene, NH has learned that personalizing a flagstone pattern results in a beautiful installation and one the customer will love.




Visions N Crete plain concrete


A plain gray concrete walkway and front porch in Swanzey, NH served as a blank palette for Brian on this job.



Visions N Crete decorative concrete stain

After consulting with the customer, he applied Concrete Resurrection Mountain Road and Honey Oak Reactive Acid Chemical Stains to transform the concrete into an attractive surface.


Visions N Crete decorative concrete flagstone deer


While a simple flagstone pattern would have been beautiful, Brian added an engraved deer head pattern, using an Engrave-A-Crete template and the KaleidoCrete tools to up the “Wow!” factor.


Visions N Crete decorative concrete flagstoneThe remainder of the walk and porch were engraved with a flagstone pattern, again using Engrave-A-Crete templates.

The result was eye catching and outstanding.


Visions N Crete flagsone with deer hoof prints

But Brian wasn’t done. Next he engraved deer hoof prints meandering naturally along the walkway.

Can we say unique? And beautiful? Absolutely!


Visions N Crete flagstone decorative concrete finished

Outstanding work, Brian! We love seeing your installations that are a notch above the ordinary.


To see more of Brian’s impressive work, visit and Like his Visions-n-Crete Facebook page, or go to his website at

To learn more about the KaleidoCrete system that Brian uses for his engraving, visit our website at

You can view our template gallery here and learn more about Concrete Resurrection Reactive Acid Chemical stains here.

Incorporating Cracks Into Concrete Design | Wisconsin Decorative Concrete Engraving

Amazing Concrete Designers

From the beginning, plans determined that the slab that John Rausch’s company, Amazing Concrete Designers,  poured for the front stoop of the new stone home would be stained and engraved.

Before the decorative concrete design was deployed, the pillars planned by the architect were placed on the slab, They stood closer to one another than originally designed. Their combined weight at that placement caused unsightly cracks on the slab running from the pillars to the foundation. As you can imagine, disappointment loomed heavy over Wisconsin.

The plans changed only slightly as John first stained the slab a custom color selected by the owner. Then John engraved a pattern that incorporated the cracks and keeps them from showing. To enhance the flagstone pattern even more, the owner joined John in mixing custom stain colors in shades that complement the colors in the stone used to build the house and the pillars.

The porch is beautiful.

Best of all, the customer was thrilled with the results.  Wisconsin concrete owners are catching on to the artwork that Amazing Concrete Designers can produce to improve their existing concrete.

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