Decorative Concrete Business |Judge Judy Says…

Decorative concrete court gavelHave you heard of Judge Judy? She’s the outspoken, no nonsense TV judge who cuts right to the chase with no worry about hurting anyone’s feelings as she asks questions and makes her judgment.

What would Judge Judy say about your case if a customer brought you to court over a job you’ve completed? Or, what would she say if you’re trying to collect from a customer who repeatedly finds fault with your work through no fault of yours and delays payment?

Remodeling Magazine recently published an online article entitled “How Judge Judy Taught Me to Be a Better Remodeler” and it brings up some valid points that might keep you out of Judge Judy’s courtroom, or any other courtroom for that matter.

  1. Make sure the important things are in writing. Look at your paper trail. Your original contract with the customer is obviously critical, but that’s not all. Change orders, for instance, can be particularly important so they don’t get overlooked and are carried out as written. They also serve as a reminder to the customer that they agreed to the change. Make sure they are signed by both you and the customer so there are no misunderstandings.
  2. If you have numerous employees, subcontracts, change orders, permits, etc. then you may need to hire a contract administrator to help you keep things filed and up to date.
  3. Focus on communication skills with your decorative concrete customer, subcontractors, and everyone involved in the project. Be sure everyone on both sides knows who can make decisions and/or promises, and who’s the No. 1 person in charge of the project.

You can read the entire article here. It has some good reminders to keep you and your decorative concrete company out of legal hot water, and especially out of Judge Judy’s courtroom.

Visions-N-Crete Flagstone | Decorative Concrete Profile

Visions N Crete flagstone with deer prints 3Flagstone is a popular decorative concrete pattern around the world. The amazing thing is that no two flagstone jobs turn out exactly the same.

Color choice, shading, layout, grout line size…the list of differences goes on and on, making each installation one of a kind.

Brian Houghton of Visions-N-Crete with the Engrave-A-Crete Shark.

Brian Houghton of Visions-N-Crete with the Engrave-A-Crete Shark.



Brian Houghton of Visions-n-Crete, Keene, NH has learned that personalizing a flagstone pattern results in a beautiful installation and one the customer will love.




Visions N Crete plain concrete


A plain gray concrete walkway and front porch in Swanzey, NH served as a blank palette for Brian on this job.



Visions N Crete decorative concrete stain

After consulting with the customer, he applied Concrete Resurrection Mountain Road and Honey Oak Reactive Acid Chemical Stains to transform the concrete into an attractive surface.


Visions N Crete decorative concrete flagstone deer


While a simple flagstone pattern would have been beautiful, Brian added an engraved deer head pattern, using an Engrave-A-Crete template and the KaleidoCrete tools to up the “Wow!” factor.


Visions N Crete decorative concrete flagstoneThe remainder of the walk and porch were engraved with a flagstone pattern, again using Engrave-A-Crete templates.

The result was eye catching and outstanding.


Visions N Crete flagsone with deer hoof prints

But Brian wasn’t done. Next he engraved deer hoof prints meandering naturally along the walkway.

Can we say unique? And beautiful? Absolutely!


Visions N Crete flagstone decorative concrete finished

Outstanding work, Brian! We love seeing your installations that are a notch above the ordinary.


To see more of Brian’s impressive work, visit and Like his Visions-n-Crete Facebook page, or go to his website at

To learn more about the KaleidoCrete system that Brian uses for his engraving, visit our website at

You can view our template gallery here and learn more about Concrete Resurrection Reactive Acid Chemical stains here.

Concrete Transformed | Sell More, Protect Earth

decorative concrete remodelConcrete is a wonderful building material. Problem is, it’s a huge reservoir of energy. Engineers call it embodied energy. It’s the energy used to mine the limestone, grind it into a powder, mix it with water, bake it, grind it into a powder again all while transporting it numerous times.

According to a recent article in Concrete Construction magazine, “Concrete produces 5 percent of global CO2 emissions – as much as the entire country of Russia.” That’s huge!

Why are we telling you this? Each of us in the decorative concrete industry should understand our resources and their impact on the world. Sharing that info with your clients may convince them to remodel rather than replace their concrete. That’s…

  • Good news for you because you’ll earn a profit,
  • Good news for the client because they’ll soon have lovely, durable decorative concrete, and
  • Good for the environment because many potential CO² molecules will be eliminated by not requiring new concrete.

Concrete ready for decorative concrete makeover


That’s not even considering the fossil fuels used or the emissions from tear outs, bringing in new, and disposing of the old.


Decorative concrete flagstone


Engrave-A-Crete systems and processes are designed to make existing concrete look good. Beautiful even! Check out our gallery. You’ll find some great before & after pics that prove our point.


Of course you will encounter a few instances of unusable, unstable concrete that must be torn out. For most concrete surfaces, though, simply making them more attractive and livable is the goal.

So, when you’re staining and engraving that next job, know that you’re helping sustain a healthy world environment that generally gets far too much abuse.

Have questions about engraving and staining? Give us a call at 800-884-2114. Check out our training opportunities here.

Diamond Blades – Necessity, not Extravagance

We admit it, there are cheaper blades on the market than the precision-crafted diamond blades we offer, but cheap isn’t the best value. Before you waste your money on a discount blade, check this out…

  • Made to our specifications – Our Diamond Engraving Blades have the correct grit and diamond content to perform perfectly on our tools. Critical for the clean, crisp designs Engrave-A-Crete installers are famous for.
  •  Engineered to cut quickly – That means less labor and more profit.  You get home faster so you can serve up diamonds of your own!
  • Last longer – Cheap import blades initially cut just fine, but in nothing flat their diamond  edge is gone. You’re left trying to force cuts with a dull blade. That’s when profanity-inducing crooked cuts, raveled edges and depth variances happen. Not what your customers want to see or hear!
  • Self-sharpening – Matrix is uniquely designed to expose new diamonds at precisely the correct rate so your blade stays sharp.
  • Built tough – With multi layers of diamonds and a specially blended matrix, you can engrave even the strongest concrete easily.  Flex those incredible muscles of yours if you want, but it’s not necessary for an awesome cut.

Engraved brick pattern using The Cobra

We could sell cheaper blades and still make the same profit margin, but that wouldn’t be fair to you. We sell the best so you can produce the best. We owe it to you. You owe it to your customers.

Kentucky Cracked Driveway Gets a Make-Over

A Kentucky concrete driveway with cracks — a beloved disappointment to the owner, humdrum to the neighborhood and a creative canvas for Doug Coomer of Coomer Artistic Floors. Doug designed a new look for that driveway. A new look that incorporates the cracks so that they seem part of the original grand plan for that concrete.

As you can see, Doug took the plain, gray and cracked drive way up more than one level to a beautiful work of art that complements the house and entire property.

Do you have a driveway, patio, basement floor or walk-way that you want to keep, but can’t stand to look at? Give Doug a call and get that concrete a new look that you can’t take your eyes off of.

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