Safety Grooving | Business Opportunity

Engrave-A-Crete tools aren’t just for decorative concrete!  Safety Grooving can open a new market for you.

What is Safety Grooving?

It is a traction control solution that utilizes grooves cut into an existing concrete, tile or terrazzo surfaces to channel water away, reducing the hydroplaning effect.

Safety grooving makes ramps safer.

Safety Grooving on ramps.

Which Engrave-A-Crete tools can be used for the process?

The Cobra and Mongoose X can easily be used to cut the channels.

Where is it used?

Anywhere the concrete has the potential to be slippery.  A few examples are:  commercial kitchens, manufacturing facilities, pool decks* and homes, patios and porches, kennel, livestock confinement areas, walkways, drip zones, and thousands of other places where liquids may cause falls.  (*Pool decks should have the cut edges softened or dulled to protect tender feet.)

Why would my customers want/need Safety Grooving?

Safety Grooving has been proven to reduce the human and financial cost of slip/fall accidents…an important consideration for all home or business owners. It is a permanent solution, eliminating the need for costly replacement safety mats or rugs.

Safety grooving can be cut in attractive patterns.

Safety Grooving varies in patterns.

Why are Engrave-A-Crete tools the best choice for cutting the channels?

  • The Cobra and Mongoose X feature precision pointers and spring-loaded cutting heads. resulting in accurate cuts and an attractive finished look in residential and commercial areas
  • Engrave-A-Crete tools provide nearly dust-free cutting
  • Use dry-cut diamond blades with the Mongoose X and Cobra during the grooving process, greatly reducing mess and clean-up labor.

    Cut horizontal and vertical lines easily with the Cobra.

    The Cobra makes cutting vertical and horizontal lines easy.

  • Tools are compact for small or confined areas
  • Easy enough for do-it-yourself operators to handle, yet strong enough for professionals

Consider adding Safety Grooving as an add-on to an existing decorative concrete business. Or, consider starting a new business of your own.

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