Mongoose vs. SawKart | What’s Best for You?

sawkartThe Mongoose – whether the X or the Air – is one of our most popular decorative concrete tools.

A SawKart is…you guessed it… a cart that lets your circular saw function as a decorative concrete engraver – much like a Mongoose.

So which one is right for you? Let’s compare the two on some critical points.

Cutting Depth:  The SawKart allows your saw to cut deeper than the Mongoose. For a shallow cut, either tool  works great. For crack control/green sawing,  a SawKart is your best option.

mongooseairlogo400Dust Control:  This is where the Mongoose with its build-in vacuum port shines. Cutting concrete produces a large amount of dust that infiltrates the building and is harmful to your lungs due to the silicate content.   Since the SawKart has no vacuum port,  an extra person must direct the hose of a shop vacuum right behind the SawKart during cutting.  That means more labor cost, and likely more mess to clean up when you’re finished.

 Diamond Blades: There’s no difference here. A high quality diamond blade is an absolute necessity on either saw.

Front pointer: The Mongoose and SawKart both have a front pointer for accurate cutting.

Starting a cut: The Mongoose outperforms here. With its spring-loaded head, you simply press down to cut. The SawKart must be tipped up on its nose and then lowered into the cut manually, increasing the likelihood of a miscut.

Cutting Circles: When attached to the center pivot, both the Mongoose and SawKart cut circles well. The Mongoose will cut tighter circles.


Mongoose X

Cutting straight lines and geometric designs: Strong points for both the Mongoose and the SawKart.

Price: The Mongoose is a precision-crafted decorative concrete engraving tool, so it’s obviously more expensive than the Saw Kart (which doesn’t come with a saw.)  If you have a lot of engraving to do, the Mongoose will quickly pay for itself due to its durability and ease of use.  On the other hand, if you’re new to the business or perhaps  just trying it out, or if you’re on a limited budget, then the SawKart can give you some excellent engraving results.


SawKart fits the following saws:



Skil: 5680-02

Skil: 5480

Skil: 5380

Hitachi: C75B2

Dewalt: DWE57

Dewalt: 364

Dewalt: 368

Evolution: RAGEB

Makita: 5007MG

Makita: 5007F

Rigid: 32032

Rigid: 32022

Rigid: R3250

Ryobi: CSB142LZK

Ryobi: CSB133L

Milwaukee: 6390-21

Porter Cable: 347

To learn more about the Mongoose and SawKart, please visit our website or give us a call at 800-884-2114.