Decorative Concrete Training Fall Extravaganza

Is autumn a good time to get into the decorative concrete business?  Absolutely! This is the time of year when homeowners turn their attention to those interior projects that have taken a back seat during the summer months. That’s potential profit for you!

This fall, for the first time ever, we’re offering two fantastic back-to-back decorative concrete seminars in one week. Choose one to set you firmly on the road to success, or attend both and leave with an even more extensive set of decorative concrete skills designed to meet today’s diverse market.

Check it out…

Seminar participants get hands-on practice with stains.

November 12-14, Monday through Wednesday Our three-day Discovery and Training Seminar.

In this hands-on training you’ll learn…

  • Evaluating concrete surfaces – so important to the outcome of your jobs
  •  Concrete staining using Concrete Resurrection Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain and Reactive Acid Chemical stain (RAC)
  • How to layout designs from simple to complicated, and how to incorporate both for unique projects your customers will rave about
  • Learn decorative concrete engraving techniques.

    Engraving patterns with the entire line of Engrave-A-Crete tools – hands-on practice to find the tool that fits your hand and your budget

  • How to correctly seal your project so it lasts
  • Marketing and business strategies to get your decorative concrete business up and going


November 15-16, Thursday and Friday – Our budget-friendly Concrete Overlay Seminar.

In this focused, hands-on class you will learn…

  • Evaluating concrete surfaces – identify surfaces that are suitable for overlay, and those surfaces that aren’t  good candidates
  • Surface prep for good adhesion – a key to the success of every job
  • Mantello overlay and engraving give this basement floor real pizzazz.

    How to correctly install overlays – including splatter, knockdown and over-the-top cool applications using Mantello Resurfacer

  • Staining overlays – with RAC, WRC and metallics – today’s hot markets
  • Integral color for quick, easy installations
  • Control/expansion joints – when and how to honor them
  • Awesome layouts and engraving techniques – put you ahead of the competition

Come for one seminar, or enroll for all 5 days of fantastic decorative concrete training and save a bundle on travel expenses. Don’t forget our Bring a Buddy Discount available for the Discovery and Training Seminar to save even more.

Click here for full details. We hope to see you soon!

On Your Site Training Included in Platinum Package Special

Have you ever wished you and your crew could get first-class, hands-on decorative concrete training right on your job site?

You can! Check out this deal that’s so amazing it sounds almost too good to be true.  When you purchase the new Platinum Package Special, you’ll get…

The believable…

  • A turnkey business on wheels
    • 16 ft tandem-axle trailer wrapped with your custom business graphics, a rolling billboard proven to get prospects calling you
    • Mongoose X Pro Pack, Kaleidocrete  Deluxe Package, Cobra Pro Pack, Sandroid Pulse Back Combo, Blastin’ Betty, floor machine and supplies, safety equipment,  and much, much more
    • Concrete Resurrection Stains and supplies to get you started on your first installation

And the unbelievable (but absolutely true)…

  • 4 days of intense training on YOUR JOB SITE from Chris Mirabal, our Senior Tech Advisor and Lead Instructor.
    • You choose the site…and Chris will be there. A driveway, a job under contract, a public space that later becomes free advertising for you – the list is endless.
    • You choose the dates…weekend or weekdays, Chris will be at your side four consecutive days.
    • You choose who’s trained…whether it’s just you or your entire crew, Chris will train using your new tools.
    • Free delivery
      • We will deliver your Platinum Package Special anywhere in the continental US, set up and ready to go, right to your doorstep at absolutely no extra charge.  Special arrangements for delivery to some areas of Canada are also available.

Platinum Package SpecialThis fantastic deal is not available online, so call us today to learn more. 800-884-2114

Footprint Cleanup on Stained Concrete Floors – Tips of the Trade

Picture yourself walking up to the basement floor you stained the evening before.  There they are, footprints leading from the patio door to the stairway – right across the stained concrete you were so proud of. Oh,  #%*&!

It can happen, and regardless of who’s to blame, it’s your job to fix the problem.

Chris Mirabal, Senior Tech Advisor, has some suggestions for dealing with the issue.

Reactive Acid Chemical (RAC) stained floor:

  1.  Use a floor machine with a black pad and scrub, scrub, scrub the surface. Your goal is to get as much of the stain off the entire floor as possible.  Yes, it’s like starting all over.  (The footprints will still show up, but will be much lighter.)
  2. Reapply RAC stain using standard procedure, blending in what remains of the footprints.


  1.  Use a floor machine to scrub as above.
  2. Reapply RAC stain using standard procedure.
  3. Use rags, sponge, HVLP or pump sprayer to apply Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain to create a faux finish that camouflages what remains of the footprints.

For a Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stained floor:

  1.  Apply more WRC to mask the footprints.  You will likely have to do the entire floor for a consistent look. Faux finishes hide flaws well.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  To prevent this nightmare from happening again,…

  • Explain to your customer what to expect during the decorative concrete installation, and the importance of not touching the floor until you give the go-ahead.
  • Use caution tape to block off the entrances or to surround the entire area. Use Keep Out signs.
  • Alert other workers on the job site about the importance of not walking on the surface.

Decorative Concrete Training Options – Which Way?

decorative concrete training decisionsThere’s an old adage that says, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” The same is true for learning decorative concrete.

We advise prospects to attend our Discovery and Learning Seminar to find out if decorative concrete is right for them. And, that is the best way to decide.

But, we are also realistic. Maybe you simply don’t have the money or the time to attend our seminar. Or, maybe you’d rather invest the money you do have in a tool.

So, here’s a second option.  Buy one of our tools and some Concrete Resurrection concrete stain and supplies first. Get whatever you can afford.  Then go to our website and educate yourself by watching the instructional videos.  You can learn everything you need to know to complete some basic decorative concrete jobs.

As you earn money from those beginning jobs, start planning and saving to attend our seminar.  While you’re here, you’ll learn the advanced layouts and techniques that you need to know to put yourself ahead of your competitors.

Whether you choose seminar first or tools first, the important thing is…get started now.

You Asked For It – Decorative Concrete 3D Tile

You asked for it – we’re about to deliver. The 3-D Tile pattern featured on the trophy slab at our recent decorative concrete seminar has proven to be a big hit on today’s market.

If you missed the opportunity to learn this complex-looking layout, you have another chance.

Brandon Adamson, distinguished master concrete engraver, will teach the class again during the April 25-27, 2012 Discovery and Training Seminar.

While the 3-D Tile pattern looks complicated, Brandon will demonstrate efficient layout techniques and attendees will use the revolutionary new Mongoose X to install the design with ease.

Popular colors will be used to stain the design elements, transforming the surface into the showcase pattern customers are looking for.

The 3-D Tile class is in addition to the regular content featured in our monthly seminar.

And there’s more…

Those who pay full tuition to attend our April seminar will take home…

  • FREE Wasp (valued at $399)
  • FREE Seminar Sampler Pack of 8 RAC and 8 WRC stains in our most popular colors (valued at $291)

Due to the intense training for the 3-D Tile pattern, seating is limited. This seminar is loaded with top-of-the-line content and free merchandise, so slots are going fast.

Don’t delay. Call us today at 800-884-2114 to register.