NEW – Decorative Concrete Training 2015

Decorative Concrete Training

It’s new! It’s different! We’ve streamlined our decorative concrete training classes so you can fly faster!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the hands-on, jam packed Discovery & Training 2015 seminar…


Day 1 & 2

  • Proper floor prep methods for acid and water-based stains
  • Testing for moisture in the slab
  • Correct application of acid stain (RAC) and Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stains
  • Determining the correct stain type for your job
  • Additional stain application methods
  • Layout and cutting basic patterns – tile, ashlar slate, circles, wood plank
  • Installing medallions and borders with KaleidoCrete tools
  • Application of interior and exterior sealers
  • When, where and how to use floor finish
  • Pricing jobs and placing bids
  • Marketing your business

layout instruction 6-25-14



Day 3 FREE BONUS DAY – Introduction to Advanced Techniques



We’ll be offering Discovery & Training 2015 seminars on the following dates:

  • February 25-27
  • March 25-27
  • May 13-15
  • June 24-26

Register online, or give Debbie a call at 1-800-884-2114.


Our first Advanced Class 2015 is scheduled for April 14-17.

That’s four cram-packed days of higher level decorative concrete training. Check our website often for more information, or give Debbie a call at 1-800-884-2114.

On Your Site Training Included in Platinum Package Special

Have you ever wished you and your crew could get first-class, hands-on decorative concrete training right on your job site?

You can! Check out this deal that’s so amazing it sounds almost too good to be true.  When you purchase the new Platinum Package Special, you’ll get…

The believable…

  • A turnkey business on wheels
    • 16 ft tandem-axle trailer wrapped with your custom business graphics, a rolling billboard proven to get prospects calling you
    • Mongoose X Pro Pack, Kaleidocrete  Deluxe Package, Cobra Pro Pack, Sandroid Pulse Back Combo, Blastin’ Betty, floor machine and supplies, safety equipment,  and much, much more
    • Concrete Resurrection Stains and supplies to get you started on your first installation

And the unbelievable (but absolutely true)…

  • 4 days of intense training on YOUR JOB SITE from Chris Mirabal, our Senior Tech Advisor and Lead Instructor.
    • You choose the site…and Chris will be there. A driveway, a job under contract, a public space that later becomes free advertising for you – the list is endless.
    • You choose the dates…weekend or weekdays, Chris will be at your side four consecutive days.
    • You choose who’s trained…whether it’s just you or your entire crew, Chris will train using your new tools.
    • Free delivery
      • We will deliver your Platinum Package Special anywhere in the continental US, set up and ready to go, right to your doorstep at absolutely no extra charge.  Special arrangements for delivery to some areas of Canada are also available.

Platinum Package SpecialThis fantastic deal is not available online, so call us today to learn more. 800-884-2114

Activate Artistic License | More Ways to Use Your Decorative Concrete Skills

Floors and walls that are beautified with decorative concrete tools, stains and sealers are wonderful — l love ‘em. But, I know there is more to the concrete life.

200 years ago, decorative concrete was art imitating reality and known as faux bois. Ferrocement processes are still applied in the 21 century by artists like Carlos Cortes, a 3rd generation faux bois artist.  Studio Cortes features benches, tables and even a bridge as modern faux bois art pieces resembling rough bark wood. Collectors, including Martha Stewart, watch avidly for the antique pieces.

Artists within the Engrave-A-Crete community are activating their artistic side and stepping out dramatically in the art of decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Chess Set

Vlada Hanzl of engrave s.r.o made this concrete chess set that intrigues many of us here in the office. I love the stark simplicity of black and white any time, but I especially like the lines created by the checkered board which measures about 23 inches square and the sturdy chess figures, each ranging from 3 to 5 inches tall.

When Lisa Takaguchi of Adept Concrete Engraving, put this concrete table at the beginning of a series of photos she sent, it just took my breath away. I need one of these on my patio or in a garden.

Bent Concrete Table

Nicole Santoni says that Concrete Zen is busy creating their benches, huge pots and molded cocktail tables. Their artistry has led to their being connected with the renovation of vintage homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his proteges.

Decorative Concrete Planter Pots

Why don’t you press your own ‘art button’ and liberate your creativity?  I’ve shared the work from Vlada, Lisa and Nicole. I would like to see yours as well; please email pictures to me,, or post them to our Facebook Page.

Contractor Specialist Listing | Free Referral Program

Consumers learn about decorative concrete engraving just as many of you did — surfing the web. When they land on the Engrave-A-Crete website, they frequently contact us asking if someone does engraving near their home.

Our policy is to get their contact information and call you. The intent is to make the connection between the customer and you or the contractor who is in their area. Then, you can follow-up.

If you want to be part of this free lead referral system, just sign up! You can update your information at the Contractor Specialist Listing form and be included. Or, if you have questions, call Debbie 800-884-2114, ext 105.

Sign up today for your Contractor Specialist Listing.

The All New Tradesman Trailer From Engrave-A-Crete

Tradesman Trailer | Decorative Concrete Engraving | Business Opportunity

For the Seasoned Craftsman Who Only Needs Engraving Tools and a Trailer, or for the entrepreneur who’s not quite ready to invest in a full package, but sees the benefit of a “Traveling Billboard.”

The Tradesman Trailer package includes a white 14ft tandem axle trailer with professional eye-catching graphics, The Lil Beaver Pro Pack and the Kaleidocrete System, 8 HP air compressor and fire extinguisher.

If you already have your own pressure washing equipment, Wet/Dry Vacuum, etc., or if you just want to start off small with plenty of room to expand, then this is the package for you.


Call 1-800-884-2114 to speak with Dale, or Debbie about investing in your own business complete with its own traveling billboard.