Safety Grooving | Business Opportunity

Engrave-A-Crete tools aren’t just for decorative concrete!  Safety Grooving can open a new market for you.

What is Safety Grooving?

It is a traction control solution that utilizes grooves cut into an existing concrete, tile or terrazzo surfaces to channel water away, reducing the hydroplaning effect.

Safety grooving makes ramps safer.

Safety Grooving on ramps.

Which Engrave-A-Crete tools can be used for the process?

The Cobra and Mongoose X can easily be used to cut the channels.

Where is it used?

Anywhere the concrete has the potential to be slippery.  A few examples are:  commercial kitchens, manufacturing facilities, pool decks* and homes, patios and porches, kennel, livestock confinement areas, walkways, drip zones, and thousands of other places where liquids may cause falls.  (*Pool decks should have the cut edges softened or dulled to protect tender feet.)

Why would my customers want/need Safety Grooving?

Safety Grooving has been proven to reduce the human and financial cost of slip/fall accidents…an important consideration for all home or business owners. It is a permanent solution, eliminating the need for costly replacement safety mats or rugs.

Safety grooving can be cut in attractive patterns.

Safety Grooving varies in patterns.

Why are Engrave-A-Crete tools the best choice for cutting the channels?

  • The Cobra and Mongoose X feature precision pointers and spring-loaded cutting heads. resulting in accurate cuts and an attractive finished look in residential and commercial areas
  • Engrave-A-Crete tools provide nearly dust-free cutting
  • Use dry-cut diamond blades with the Mongoose X and Cobra during the grooving process, greatly reducing mess and clean-up labor.

    Cut horizontal and vertical lines easily with the Cobra.

    The Cobra makes cutting vertical and horizontal lines easy.

  • Tools are compact for small or confined areas
  • Easy enough for do-it-yourself operators to handle, yet strong enough for professionals

Consider adding Safety Grooving as an add-on to an existing decorative concrete business. Or, consider starting a new business of your own.

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Decorative Concrete Color Enhancing Wax

Decorative Concrete Color Enhancing Floor WaxEngrave-A-Crete is proud to add Color Enhancing Concrete Floor Wax (CEC Floor Wax) to its prestigious line of decorative concrete products. CEC Floor Wax is an environmentally friendly material using natural waxes derived from renewable resources.

While CEC Floor Wax can be used on any interior concrete surface, it is particularly useful for floors that may have water ingress from below the slab.

CEC Floor Wax has unique characteristics:

  • No harsh, chemical odor
  • Non-combustible and safe to use in any interior environment
  • Makes colors pop
  • Breathable
  • Natural antimicrobial properties
  • Simple application
  • Easy maintenance – buff out scuffs easily by hand

CEC Floor Wax is ideal for use on:

  • Floors with moisture issues – ideal for basements
  • Acid stained or integral colored concrete
  • Micro toppings
  • Plain gray concrete
  • Smooth masonry surfaces

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Put (or keep) some dollars in your pocket this tax year!

There’s still time to purchase the Engrave-A-Crete tools or equipment that will give you the competitive edge you’ve been dreaming of. Simply buy and use them by the end of the year to save big bucks with the tax breaks provided by the Section 179 Tax Deduction.

According to Section

“When your business buys certain items of equipment, it typically gets to write them off a little at a time through depreciation. In other words, if your company spends $50,000 on a machine, it gets to write off (say) $10,000 a year for five years (these numbers are only meant to give you an example.)

“Now while it’s true that this is better than no write-off at all, most business owners would really prefer to WRITE OFF THE ENTIRE EQUIPMENT PURCHASE PRICE FOR THE YEAR THEY BUY IT.

“In fact, if a business could write off the entire amount, they might add more equipment this year instead of waiting over the next few years. That’s the whole purpose behind Section 179 – to motivate the American economy (and your business) to move in a positive direction. For most small businesses, the entire cost can be written off on the 2015 tax return (up to 25,000.)”

CAUTION: To take advantage of the current deduction and any retroactive raise (that Congress may approve,) you must buy the equipment and place it into service by 12/31/2015. Use Form 4562 to claim your deduction.

While we aren’t tax preparers, we do know a good deal for small and medium businesses when we see one.

Talk with your tax preparer now for complete details. Here are a couple of links to help you learn more:

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Decorative Concrete Business |Judge Judy Says…

Have you heard of Judge Judy? She’s the outspoken, no nonsense TV judge who cuts right to the chase with no worry about hurting anyone’s feelings as she asks questions and makes her judgment.

What would Judge Judy say about your case if a customer brought you to court over a job you’ve completed? Or, what would she say if you’re trying to collect from a customer who repeatedly finds fault with your work through no fault of yours and delays payment?

Remodeling Magazine recently published an online article entitled “How Judge Judy Taught Me to Be a Better Remodeler” and it brings up some valid points that might keep you out of Judge Judy’s courtroom, or any other courtroom for that matter.

  1. Make sure the important things are in writing. Look at your paper trail. Your original contract with the customer is obviously critical, but that’s not all. Change orders, for instance, can be particularly important so they don’t get overlooked and are carried out as written. They also serve as a reminder to the customer that they agreed to the change. Make sure they are signed by both you and the customer so there are no misunderstandings.
  2. If you have numerous employees, subcontracts, change orders, permits, etc. then you may need to hire a contract administrator to help you keep things filed and up to date.
  3. Focus on communication skills with your decorative concrete customer, subcontractors, and everyone involved in the project. Be sure everyone on both sides knows who can make decisions and/or promises, and who’s the No. 1 person in charge of the project.

You can read the entire article here. It has some good reminders to keep you and your decorative concrete company out of legal hot water, and especially out of Judge Judy’s courtroom.

Introducing ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayers

NEW – ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayers join our fine line of decorative concrete accessories designed for applying color to concrete and other cementitious surfaces.

The intelligent solution to aerosols, ReCharger sprayers are easily recharged using compressed air. Their complete portability makes them ideal for decorative concrete applications.

ReChargers are available in 24 oz, 16 oz, and 8 oz sizes. All are industrial quality, refillable, have corrosion-resistant working parts, and chemical-resistant interiors and exteriors.

ReCharger 24 oz sprayers

24 oz ReCharger sprayer


The 24 oz ReCharger features an adjustable nozzle that ranges from extra fine mist to a pin stream.



ReCharger 8 oz 16 oz sprayers

8 oz or 16 oz ReCharger sprayer


The 8 oz and the 16 oz ReChargers come with an extra valve and nozzle assortment including 2 fine, 2 regular, 2 medium, 2 coarse and 1 pin stream.



ReChargers are excellent for use with Concrete Resurrection Ten Second Color™ Dye, Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain, and interior or exterior acrylic sealers. ReCharger sprayers are not suitable for use with acid stain.

Have questions about the ReCharger? Email us at or give us a call at 800-884-2114.

Check out our entire line of accessories designed for coloring concrete  here.