Our customers are happy with how we've been able to help them start or add to an existing business with a unique and dramatic transformative process like decorative concrete engraving.

Don't just take our word for it... here's what some of our customers have to say, in their own words.

I enjoyed this valuable experience very much. Thank you, Engrave-A-Crete.

Robert Armistead

EAC has the right people in the right positions with the right experience to teach, explain, listen and help with concerns.

Keith Kline

The Engrave-A-Crete crew were all very friendly and helpful. The seminar was packed with lots of hands-on practical training. Thanks a lot for a well-spent trip

Lonnie Luker

What a great class to start your own business! Concepts of creative art were easier to do than I expected. Great instructors and staff. Helpful in so many ways. The marketing information was very helpful in a start-up business. Can’t wait to get home and start this new challenge. Thank you, Chris & Brandon.

Jane Armistead

Very informative class. I enjoyed the down-to-earth environment.

Pace Saxton

An experience I would not have missed. The information was valuable and timely. The hands-on experience is without a doubt a valuable asset.

Terry Tamanauskas

Well worth the time and effort.

Randy Lynch

The seminar was even more than I anticipated. The facility and professionalism is amazing and the staff is outstanding. I can’t wait to get my business started. Thank you, Engrave-A-Crete.

Jason Johnson

Every aspect was explained so anyone could understand what is needed to start a project and complete the job. Instructors answered all questions and explained proper lay-out as well as the use of all stains. The food was well-prepared. Engrave-A-Crete folks are all great, thoughtful and kind in every way. I have learned a lot from this class.

Bob Garcia

The seminar was very informative and the food amazing. The company really backed their words up. I want to thank Chris and Brandon for answering all the ‘dumb’ questions I had.

Justin Hitchcock

This was a wonderful experience. Taking this class helped re-motivate me to get my business started. Knowing there is someone to call when there are questions is a major factor for me. Everyone here was so very helpful.

Darita Isham

A very informative seminar. The instructors are very experienced and able to handle all questions and other issues. I will recommend this training to other people who are considering a job change. Thank you very much,

David Oh

The entire seminar was good, but the hands-on experience was my favorite.

Phillip Kline

Engrave-A-Crete was a great learning experience. I’d advise anybody who is wants to engrave concrete to go through the seminar. It is a must, in my opinion.

Jeff Hitchcock

I would recommend this program to others looking at starting a new company in the decorative concrete industry.

Jasen Britton

If you have questions about any area of decorative concrete engraving and staining, Engrave-A-Crete will have an answer. They are real advisors who want to help you achieve the most you can out of your business.

Cole Johnson

A great experience, very educational. I recommend it to anyone looking at starting a new company or expanding an existing company.

Cole Wasiuta
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Learned a lot of ‘does and don’ts’. This was money well spent. Engrave-A-Crete will be here for you, even after seminar is over. The tools are made in-house with great quality control.

Tim Jones
North Carolina

I enjoyed every phase of the presentation. The important things were drilled in. I appreciated the chance to work with all the tools.

Eric T. Shirley

I liked the hands-on work with the tools best.

Ronnie Mayes

I learned a ‘ton’ of things. A good group of people work here.

Bud Meyers

If you are interested in taking on a new, exciting and growing career in decorative concrete, check out the Engrave-A-Crete training seminar in Missouri.

Jacob Cardenas

I wish I had come to seminar sooner. Everything is covered by instructors who could keep our attention. You leave with a real feeling of “I can do this.” I encourage everyone to take EAC’s school.

Albert Lucas

This is a good seminar for all new people in decorative concrete or concrete construction. I recommend it to all.

Andrew Cepeda

The class was fun and informative. The staff was great.

David Golla
South Carolina

Enjoyed the family friendly environment. Covered the subject in great detail. Well worth the investment.

Mark Hargin

I have no prior experience with decorative concrete, yet this seminar enabled me to have a positive, hands-on encounter with a fascinating new technology with many applications.

Michael Lyon

This seminar and whole experience rocked my socks off! Thank You!

Ashley Kolarek

Very simply put: A class A company I want to take the opportunity to thank you for a tremendous seminar. I appreciate your patience regarding obvious interruptions in the class etc. My brother Dino & I learned a great deal from you!!! I look forward to working closely with you & the staff in the near future.

Patrick Pilegge

I knew, before seminar, that I wanted to purchase Engrave-A-Crete tools. During seminar, I was able to determine which tools and get hands on experience with all of them. I went away much more excited about the decorative concrete business. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone thinking about doing decorative concrete work.

Lory Storm

I had a nice informational time with the opportunity to use Engrave-A-Crete’s equipment. Your company is definitely one of the leading in the decorative concrete machine business

Thomas Pallwein

Great learning experiences for all levels

Michael Skalla

Searched online with a friend to find ways to improve concrete appearance when building swimming pools and pool decks. We were impressed with the Engrave-A-Crete website. After going to seminar, talking to the staff and touring the warehouse, I believe that Engrave-A-Crete can help me grow a business and be a great supplier.

Bradley White

I wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed the Engrave-A-Crete seminar. Thanks so much for your hard work and instruction ( and humor ) Please tell everyone there in the Engrave-A-Crete family Thank-You.
I can not wait to put my Cobra to work. I will probably try to get in for a follow up class sometime in the future.
Whatever aspect of decorative concrete you are pursuing, you would totally be out of one of the most impressive ways to beautify concrete if you did not attend this seminar.

Randal Meredith
North Carolina

t’s more than I expected and well worth the investment.

Marcy Anderson

Seminar was the best experience! I love to design and engrave and learned a lot. Thank you so much for this training and for the good & healthy food

Javid Matin

Really nice people make it nice to learn. The food was great -- the seminar was great and I enjoyed seeing people from all arouind the U.S.

Richard Presley

This is a great seminar for the advanced or the beginner concrete decorator

Isaac Raxter
South Carolina

I came to the seminar to get a better understanding of what equipment I could add to my business in the ‘future’. I left with a sampling of everything: Mongoose 411, Barracuda, Wasp, Sandroid, Stains, Sealers, Templates. WOW! Merry Christmas to me and all my new customers. Thank you, loved the seminar.

Deb Carson

The November training was perfect timing for me. Thank you for offering this seminar

Roy Guyer

I enjoyed being in a low pressure atmosphere with a great group of people. Your team is very professional and warm. I learned a lot from that and will try to instill those same aspects in the teams working with me on the different companies I own and operate.

Philip Beede

Seminar was very informative. I would like to see even more with a small class. Chris does a great job.

Dino Pileggi

Very engaging and supportive experience. Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful.

Jeff Cramer

The Engrave-A-Crete seminars created a family like atmosphere with a business/professional purpose in mind. The on-going support from Engrave-A-Crete is a great asset and is what separates them from the competition.

Josh Guyer

Great fun! A must for anyone who likes to create structural art

Sean Salyer

Very informative and fun! A reasonable price for so much information.

George Sayre
South Carolina

The Engrave-A-Crete team were all highly qualified staff and were very helpful.

Mark Tyree

Great experience. Hands-on is by far the best way to learn. I want to recommend this class to anyone interested in decorative concrete.

Matthew Miracle
North Carolina

A great seminar for anyone interested in engraving. From beginner to someone already in the field, seminar is a learning experience. It will add value to your existing business and is invaluable for a new business. I recommend it highly to everyone. Thanks, Engrave-A-Crete.

Jaivin Patel

Attending the 3-day seminar truly expanded my knowledge of decorative concrete. I am now educated enough to start designing and selling. Thanks, Engrave-A-Crete!

Amanda Jobe
North Carolina

Engrave-A-Crete changed my whole approach to doing business. Although I have previous experience, Engrave-A-Crete offered new ideas and helped steer me in a new direction. Engrave-A-Crete, in my opinion, is the “Harvard” of the decorative concrete business. It has been an experience with profitable returns. Thanks, EAC!

Arturo Payen, Jr
New Mexico

Very great experience!

Cole Wasiuta
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Awesome Job!

Robert Mutina

I would like to thank Engrave-A-Crete for their support and for being as thorough as possible about every aspect of their products. Prior to the seminar, I used many different products; yours being the most consistent and aesthetically pleasing. I look forward to being a part of your family — which is the way I was treated at your seminar. It is very rare to find a company as dedicated to the success of their customers as much as their own. A truly innovative company that shows genuine concern for the customer; not just about the money. Thank you all very much!

Jason Thorn

Training seminar was great! We covered lots of material and had fun doing it. The facility and set-up are great!

Ricky Wallman

Engrave-A-Crete and Concrete Resurrection Stains & Sealers are my brand from now on. I just finished a large, tough job. First, because it was close by, I tried another brand of stain. It was a wreck and I ended up getting Concrete Resurrection WRC stain. Then, the close by sealer didn’t work either. I finished with Concrete Resurrection sealer. While the customer rated the results an ELEVEN on a scale of 1 to 10, I wasn’t happy with myself for causing unintentional delays for the customer and a great deal of extra work for me.

All through this experiment, Brandon and Chris generously gave me the tech support that is one more BEST thing about Engrave-A-Crete. Thank you!

Troy Brown
Artizan Concrete Engraving

The seminar was very informative. I will add what I have learned to my current knowledge of Decorative Concrete. This class will help the Waldron Public Schools by giving us options for our classroom floors.

Chris Allen

Awesome staff and facility; I’m highly impressed.

Dotry Carter

It was a great seminar. I learned lots of new ways to design on concrete. I highly recommend this class.

Alesandro Rodas

I love all the possibilities that this new business will bring to my future!

Clayton Bernhardt

The staff is amazing. The process and techniques are FUN. I absolutely loved it.

Katrina Olson

The experience as a whole was wonderful. All of the instructors were easy to understand and open to questions and comments. I walked away feeling confident that I could perform all aspects of concrete engraving and make a customer happy with their new work of art.

Jamie Day

A very unique and valuable experience that can help transition a person into the decorative concrete business

Joseph R. Solomon

The training is a must for anyone planing a decorative concrete business. All Engrave-A-Crete staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The hands-on is terrific. And the food is great. Time well spent.

Bob Bradfield

Great value for the money. I learned a lot in the three days. If you want to start a decorative concrete business, you must take this class. Great job, Engrave-A-Crete.

Shawn Schildmeyer

The training was excellent. Very valuable towards starting our company . And the food was outstanding.

Justin Faul

The teachers were great -- friendly and made my family feel right at home. The food was awesome too.

Mandy Ashley

I brought my daughter with me for seminar. We are both excited about working in decorative concrete. She is planning to have the business pay for college.

Terry Olson

Great start on a new adventure! Knowing that we have the tech support of such a great company behind us reassures me that the sky’s the limit.

Valerie Craft

The Engrave-A-Crete family was friendly. The 3 day course is an easy to understand format.

Shola Awoniyi
Ontario, Canada

Great experience! The vast amount of information given to us within 3 days is amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Joe Bosanac
Ontario, Canada

The training was great and so were all the people. The family environment was so good and made learning even more fun. Thank you for everything.

Chad Woods
Ontario, Canada

I learned a lot and am very happy with the seminar. I am looking forward to learning more.

John Nycz
Ontario, Canada

When I consider how much research I had done on my own on the web; this seminar was just what tied everything together. Was an excellent experience.

Sunday Awoniyi
Ontario, Canada

Enjoyed Chris, Barry & Brandon. They did an awesome job. The food was over the top; better than we expected!

Cyndi Cornett

I enjoyed the descriptive aspect -- easy to understand.

Wesley Prince

Excellent experience. They covered all aspects of starting and maintaining a decorative concrete business. I recommend this seminar to anyone looking to begin a business of their own.

Thomas Friedrich

I was planning to add an additional tool to my existing business. Instead, I found a whole new industry.

Gordon Jobe
North Carolina


Randall Newman

The seminar is an essential step to take before starting a decorative concrete business. It will help you understand the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ of the trade. This seminar paid for itself!!

Justin Aleteanu

Thanks again. The entire staff was wonderful. Food was good. Enjoyed myself and learned plenty of new things. First day was a lot to absorb, but other than that, it was all good.

Andrew Matamores

Extremely hands-on experience. The best seminar I have attended. Very knowledgeable staff made training fun and easy. Highly recommend to others and can't wait for advanced classes.

Ben Oakenfold
Alberta, Canada

One of the smartest decisions I've made in a long time. Very friendly people. I would love to come back for advanced training

Carlos Ruiz

The Engrave-A-Crete seminar provided us an opportunity to learn an artistic and stylistic approach to decorative concrete. What we ended up getting out of it was much more than that. The entire staff was friendly and inviting; stimulating our involvement in the process and engaging us in participation. The training itself gave us the physical tools and preparation that will encourage us to give and get more out of engraving concrete. The EAC company sets a new standard for us in organization, presentation, and delivery. We would proudly recommend anyone to this process, but especially to this company. Thank you, Darrel and Brandon Adamson for what you've brought to the decorative concrete industry.

Gabriel Sousa

I came to learn and left certified!

Dan Stickle
Ontario, Canada

Very good -- one of the best seminars I've attended.

Bill Maner

The course is a wealth of knowledge. I'm sure that I can now look at things more clearly and deliver quality service to my clients. And have a successful decorative concrete business.

Stephen Moxey

Invaluable experience. Seminar really piqued my interest in decorative concrete. Your imagination is your only limit.

Wade Crandall
Alberta, Canada

I came thinking that this sort of work might be complicated, but I was surprised by how easy using both tools and stains can be. Thanks for a hands-on education in concrete design.

Dave Hysert
Ontario, Canada

I had a great experience! Everything I expected and more. Brandon and the crew were very helpful and experienced. They were able to answer all my questions relating to international application. Thanks, guys.

Gavin Goei

Coming from a non-construction background, I found this seminar to be very top notch. Presentations and facility were very professional. The entire staff were friendly and went over and above to make sure everyone got what they came for. This family run business is a perfect example of how to operate and excel in a business in the USA. Hats off to Darrel, Ann, Brandon and the rest for making this trip both educational and enjoyable.

William Pierce

I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to get into the decorative concrete business.

Gene Meek

The seminar is a wonderful tool for someone just getting into the staining and engraving business all the way up to people who have been in it for awhile. The class was full of useful and important material to get you going in the right direction from the start. It's a hands-on, highly interactive seminar that is perfect for people just getting their company going. I highly recommend this course to anyone out there who is looking at getting started in the industry. I also hope there will be advanced classes for me to attend in the future.

Ernest Santos

Everything was very productive and useful. The staff and particularly the training team kept us engaged and interested in participating. The experience was an immeasurable asset in knowledge and creativity. We are leaving eager to start engraving. Thank you to the entire EAC team and particularly Darrel Adamson for his vision, integrity and warm reception.

Antonio Sousa

Great experience. You get to grab the tools and get to work. It was great to see all the different types of stain and sealer. Great food, service and hospitality. The instructors are very good -- they know what they are doing.

Chip Bright

You could just buy the products — but the seminar really shows you how to get the most out of the tools, stains and sealers

Kevin Fillingame

The course Engrave-A-Crete offers is very professional and teaches a lot. I highly recommend this course. The staff are pleasant and will help with any questions. Thank you.

Chris Grubb
Ontario, Canada

This was an eye opening experience. I was thinking of doing engraving part time. I am now interested in making this my full time career. The staff, all the way up to the CEO, are extremely informative and helpful. It was a pleasure to come and spend time with everyone.

Marvin Howard

The staff is very friendly and willing to help. The Engrave-A-Crete crew treats you like family.

Richard Taylor II

I love this company, Engrave-A-Crete for its contribution to innovative technology in the decorative concrete industry. Congratulations.

Dan Sekanwagi