Do you remember the fairy tale about Rumpelstiltskin's secret?

Rumpelstiltskin was that short dude who could spin straw into gold, but wouldn't tell anybody his secret - except in trade for their first-born child.

We'll tell you a secret, and it's no fairytale. We've developed tools that can spin existing concrete into gold...well...actually, with your help the machines spin around on concrete and produce cash which then can be traded for gold. These tools won't cost your first born, either.

Look around - there's naked concrete everywhere in the world. Naked concrete is gray. It's plain. And most of it is ugly. What a market!

Magical Transformations for the Real World

With one mouse click, you can enter the realm of real life make-overs in our gallery. Every single one of those concrete surfaces started out plain, and most were cracked, worn and super ugly. Your eyes aren't deceiving you...those transformations are all the result of our decorative concrete engraving tools and processes. Who wouldn't want gorgeous concrete like that!

What is engraved concrete? It's not stamped. It's not a topping or an overlay. It's cutting patterns into plain or decoratively-stained concrete. Sometimes the engraving happens first, and then individual elements are hand-stained for stunning effects.

One Tool + The System + Your Imagination = 10,000 Designs

With a minimal investment...just one tool, some concrete stain and a few basic can join the world of decorative concrete. No franchise. No territory. Unlimited potential. If that appeals to you, keep reading this website. We think you'll like what you see.

Decorative concrete engraving isn't quite as magical as spinning straw into gold, but it's close.

When you choose Engrave-A-Crete, your personal story can end with a "happily ever after." And that's the truth.