• SPRING-LOADED HEAD for absolute operator control. Press down to cut, let up and the blade pops out of the cut
    • PRECISION CRAFTED from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum
    • POWERFUL MOTOR turns at 10,000 RPM to slice through concrete - 12 amp, 1400 Watts
    • GFCI hardwired in for your safety
    • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING DEPTH with a quick and easy turn of the screw. Maximum cutting depth is 1/4".
    • ADJUSTABLE BLADE WIDTH accepts 1/4th, 3/8th, .080 Turbo and .090 segmented 4" diameter blades
    • VACUUM PORT attaches to standard shop vacuum and dramatically reduces dust
    • PRECISION POINTERS for accurate cuts, flips up and out of the way for tight spaces
    • DUAL THRUST BEARINGS on pivot for the smoothest engraving action
    • HIGH TRACTION WIDE WHEELS for optimum operator control
    • MID SIZE ENGRAVER with king-sized abilities
    • Made in the USA



    Power120V 12A 50/60hz
    Size12" x 8.5" x 19.5" (LxWxH)
    Weight41.64 lbs
    Min. Side Cut3.75"
    Min Front Cut4.5"

    Lil' Beaver is ideal for creating...

    • Wood Plank Designs
    • Tile Designs – Square, Diamond, Random
    • Double Line Tile Designs
    • Offset Tile Designs
    • Ashlar Slate
    • Geometric Designs
    • Free Form Circles and Arcs
    • 1000's of Variations and Designs

    Upgrade with the Brick Kit and engrave...

    • Bricks — Circular, Fan Pattern, Arched
    • Bricks — Linear Running and Stack Bond
    • Slate or Block — Arched, Fan
    • Tile Designs — Circular, Arched, Fan
    • Cobblestone — Arched, Circular, Fan
    • Perfect Circles and Arcs


    Lil' Beaver Cutting Unit

    • Lil' Beaver Cutting Unit

    Price: $2995.00




    Lil' Beaver Pro Pack Contains:

    • Lil' Beaver Concrete Engraver
    • "Stand On" Center Pivot
    • (6) Connecting Tubes
    • 4.0" x .090" Premium USA Blade
    • 4.0" x .125" Premium USA Blade
    • 4.0" x .250" Premium USA Blade
    • 4.0" x .375" Premium USA Blade
    • Custom Easy Roll Storage Case
    • Trammel Point/Edge Parallel Marker Kit
    • Training Manual w/ Design Ideas
    • "Mastering Concrete Engraving" DVD

    Pro Pack Price: $4,295.00