KaleidoCrete System from Engrave-A-Crete

Nothing Performs Like a Concrete Pecker!

KaleidoCrete System from Engrave-A-Crete

KaleidoCrete Pro Pack


  • Mochton Stylus Shark™ Concrete Engraver
  • Barracuda™ Concrete Engraver
  • Mini-Mochton Stylus™ Wasp™ Concrete Engraver
  • Accessory Items Includes:
    • 50' Air Hose w/ Couplers
    • Air Nozzle Duster
    • Replacement Stylus Impactors for Shark (130/pk)
    • Replacement Impactor for Wasp
    • Air Tool Oil
    • Mastering Concrete Engraving DVD

Model #: KC-300 - Price:

KaleidoCrete System templates from Engrave-A-Crete
Custom Templates Galore
From your photograph, line drawing or ideas, we can fabricate and ship by UPS a KaleidoCrete™ HDPE template for any pattern in any size you need. For example... how about a floor mural cut into the concrete, say 20 feet high and 100 feet long ... a string of trunk-to-tail circus elephants with a beautiful maiden riding high on the lead’s head... the elephants all wearing the finest colorful circus attire. These things are all possible and much, much more! What can you imagine?


Shark™ Concrete Engraver


One of the major components of the KaleidoCrete™ package is the Mochton Stylus Shark Concrete Engraver. Precision made of billet aluminum and heat treated alloy steel, the Shark is air conservative using only 5 to 8 cfm @ 2250 BPM.

The 1.125" diameter driver easily powers the 64 sharpened and heat treated impactor teeth. These teeth eat up the concrete and stone aggregate leaving a detailed cut, up to 6+mm (1/4") inch deep. To reduce the chances of marring the surface, the Shark has strategically placed No-Mar plastic cushions because even cautious operators can lay a tool down too hard and damage the decorative concrete finish. The Shark weighs 14 pounds.

Model #: KC-225 Price: $995.95

Barracuda™ Concrete Engraver


Mid-sized Mochton Stylus “Barracuda” Concrete Engraver has 29 replaceable impactors. This mid-sized concrete engraver is great for cutting deigns that have fine detail. With its specially designed head, it can cut into most small openings. Weighs 6 pounds.

Model #: KC-208 Price: $695.95

Wasp™ Concrete Engraver


When it comes to touching up, removing islands, voids, and adding extra details to the engraved pattern, the Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp Concrete Engraver is a handy pneumatic tool. The Wasp’s name comes from its design- it has a single reciprocating carbide stylus cutter, called a "Stinger".

Model #: KC-204 Price: $295.95
KaleidoCrete System templates from Engrave-A-Crete