Transform EXISTING concrete…

make it pretty…


awesome, even.

You're putting a lot of thought into starting your own business or expanding the one you already have going. We know from experience, it's a big step.

Engrave-A-Crete Is Decorative Concrete With A Bang!

We offer amazing tools and products, and training from contractors with decades of knowledge and experience in decorative concrete. The market is hot. You are ready. Why wait?

With Engrave-A-Crete:

  • No experience necessary…easy to learn! (We offer hands-on training workshops just for that reason!)

  • No backbreaking concrete to form, pour or finish.

  • Works on old or new concrete…any concrete.

  • Minimal weather restrictions

  • Outdoor and indoor installations

  • No employees necessary


  • No franchise fees—we are NOT a franchise

  • No territories—work where you want.

  • No royalties—you earned it, you keep it

  • On-going technical support

Why Engrave-A-Crete?

We design and manufacture tools and supplies found nowhere else which puts YOU in a unique position of little competition. We teach our systems through cutting edge training, so YOU learn the best from the best. We manufacture and distribute top-of-the-line supplies for dependability YOU can count on.

You can start with as little as one tool or as much as a Business on Wheels Package. YOU decide!

Are you ready to reshape your future?

We believe your first step to success is to attend our training workshop. Try the various techniques. Test all the tools. Discover what you're best suited for. And then decide how you want to begin your decorative concrete career from the many options available.

Your 14' trailer, featuring Engrave-A-Crete tools, products and custom graphics, acts as a rolling billboard for your business.

atrailer back generic nameThe Engrave-A-Crete Trailer Package is a concrete engraving business ready to go to work. Our most popular engravers, accessories and support equipment are included and organized for easy access, use and storage. Simply add a few locally available tools.

The trailer is a 14’ tandem axle with a rear ramp door, aluminum wheels, and eye catching graphics advertising your business and attracting customers.

The custom graphics package includes attractive job photos, process descriptions and large open areas to feature your company name, your logo, your phone number, and your web site.

Enjoy the freedom to grow your business as you see fit with the Business on Wheels trailer package. NOT a franchise. NO fees. NO territories.  NO royalties. Purchase your trailer package now and receive free training and tech support. 

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