Brandon Adamson – Executive Vice President

Brandon Adamson, Executive Vice President of Engrave-A-Crete, is a busy man. Any given day finds him working in the shop, perfecting formulas in the lab area, developing and testing new tools and products, coordinating seminars and shows, solving tech issues, and consulting with the sales, accounting and marketing departments.

“I do whatever needs to be done, all the way from cleaning to designing and developing new products,” Brandon says. “It’s my job to keep the plant and operations running smoothly and keep new materials and products coming out. Our customers benefit because new ideas and products, combined with our existing lineup, help them generate revenue.”

Brandon has more than 20 years experience in decorative concrete, beginning as a teenager with a part-time job. After finishing college, he joined his father, Darrel, in the Engrave-A-Crete family business full time.  In 1997 Brandon and Darrel formed Elegant Concrete Engraving, Inc. of Sarasota, Florida.

“Elegant Concrete Engraving was the service end to what Engrave-A-Crete provides its customers,” Brandon says. “It was supposed to be a small, part-time business, but after about three months, I was too busy to work in the shop anymore. For the first few jobs, Dad came out on site and helped me.  I took it from there. During that time, whenever Dad was developing a new tool or process,  we’d test it in the shop first and then I’d use it on a job when I could. For instance Dad came up with the idea of track-free engraving with the predecessor of the Cobra we have now. We tested and refined it, then tried it out on the first tile job I had and it worked. From there a lot of ideas snowballed.  I always had the latest pieces of equipment to use, along with the really old stuff that was just tried and true.”

In 2000, after successfully building and selling Elegant Concrete Engraving, Brandon returned to Engrave-A-Crete full time. His strong contracting background, his designing and manufacturing expertise, and 10 years of training thousands of people in decorative concrete mean Brandon brings a valuable set of skills to the table.

“I understand the chemistry of the materials and their manufacture,” Brandon says. “When customers come to us, they are coming directly to the manufacturer, the trainer, the technical support.” Brandon’s competitive nature serves as his motivation for excelling at a demanding job.

“I cannot NOT be #1,” Brandon says. “I have to win. I have to be as good as possible.  And of course I need the money. I also want to help other people make a good living and change their lives.” Honesty in dealing with customers, and life in general, is important to Brandon.

“Lying doesn’t get you anywhere and always comes back to bite you, Brandon says. “I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. We tell our customers just the way it is. We let them know what to expect and that everything may not go perfectly.  They go out there and find out it’s just like we said, and they respect us because they got exactly what they expected. For me to tell great big, fluffy stories and customers to find out later that they aren’t true and they don’t make any money, means they’re not going to be our friends and customers anymore.”

With all his responsibilities at Engrave-A-Crete, Brandon has little leisure time. Given the opportunity, he and his wife enjoy running and attending sporting events and school activities with their son and daughter.

Brandon can be reached by calling the main Engrave-A-Crete number.