What Goes Round on Social Media Comes Round — To You On The Search Engines

Using Facebook pages and Twitter to reach out raises your decorative concrete business standing with the search engines. That may sound like a ‘re-retweet’ from me, but recently Google reported using these social media giants to gather information for the index.

This article explains the process: How Twitter and Facebook Can Help Your Search Rankings by Linda Bustos.

A few things you can do to make this merry-go-round gather momentum include:

  • Connect with influencers on both Facebook and Twitter.
    • Follow them,
    • Add them to a list,
    • Retweet their posts.
    • Reply when they ask a question or make a pertinent tweet and
    • Respond politely when they mention you.

“Thank you for the mention.” or “Thank you for the retweet.” will work.

These connection activities will lead to you becoming an influencer as well. Bing and Google tend to give influencer’s social media activity more credit and authority and will pass that authority and credit as page rank to the page that they link to.
How much of an influencer are you? Twitter has a measuring device called KLOUT.com that tracks influence. The optimum score is 100. Another fun resource is TwitterGrader.com. Again, the desired score is 100.

Dress-up your blog and website with the buttons and applications that will make it easy for readers to share your post.

Put your Facebook business page and Twitter link in your email signature

    Be consistent, be lively, be informative, be a giver! Of course dress all of that in keywords about your business. And let Google reward your activity with a big spin to the top of the page.