Concrete Acid Stain |Certain Color Changes

RAC Azure Sky Concrete Acid Stain

RAC Azure Sky

Four of our Concrete Resurrection Reactive Acid Chemical Stain colors (RAC) have an asterisk beside them in our catalog and on our website. We often get questions about that, and we’d like to share the answers.




RAC Summer Wheat Concrete Acid Stain

RAC Summer Wheat

Which RAC stains have the asterisk beside the color names?

Olive Mist, Azure Sky, Mossy Oak and Summer Wheat


RAC Mossy Oak Concrete Acid Stain

RAC Mossy Oak


What does the asterisk mean?

It means those four colors are for interior use only because they contain copper atoms. All of the other RAC colors are for indoor or outdoor use.


What happens if I use one of the four marked colors outdoors?

Maybe nothing out of the ordinary. On the other hand, the outdoor concrete may turn a SHADE OF BLACK that may or may not be ugly depending on your point of view. It’s probably NOT what your customer was looking for though, or you either since it’s a permanent condition. Don’t risk it.

RAC Olive Mist Concrete Acid Stain

RAC Olive Mist

What causes the color change?

Oxidization causes the lovely color you started with to turn black. Outdoor slabs usually don’t have a vapor barrier underneath them so moisture from the ground migrates up through the concrete. When the water molecules reach the concrete acid stain, they react with the copper atoms in It and oxidize.

Could this same reaction take place on an interior floor?

Yes, if there is excessive moisture present. Interior floors usually have a vapor barrier though, and that prevents the problem. Always test the concrete with a moisture meter before you take any job regardless of the stain color. Know what you’re dealing with before you begin.

Have more questions about RAC stain? We offer free customer support to those using Concrete Resurrection stains. We don’t, however, answer questions about other brands of stain since we don’t know those products or how they’ll react in any given situation.

You can reach us by email at, use the Live Chat feature on our website, or give us a call at 800-884-2114 where a real person answers the phone.

12 Bottles of Stain on the Shelf | RAC Sampler Kit

Concrete Resurrection RAC Stain Sampler Pack of 12 Bottles

Twelve bottles of stain on the shelf — 16 ounces each. So handy; within your reach.
Take one down to test a color. Or take more to stain a complicated design.

Concrete Resurrection Reactive Acid Chemical stain (RAC) comes in twelve colors — an incredible selection for your customers wanting to add a touch of color to their existing concrete with a translucent effect that lets the character of the concrete show through. Every project is unique because each slab or wall will work differently with the stain.

On Engrave-A-Crete’s website and in the 2011  catalogs, we’ve announced that RAC stain is now available in several sizes. 275 gallon tote, 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket, 1 gallon jug and 16 ounce bottles.

A sampler kit of each RAC color (12 bottles – 12 colors) is available.

You can deliver that extra touch of service to your client by showing them the newest catalog with extremely accurate representations of the final shades of the stain and by having a sampler kit of each color handy for testing or for small projects.

Order your RAC Stain Sampler Pack today using our secure shopping cart available 24/7 for your convenience or call 1-800-884-2114. Be sure to ask for a copy of the newest catalog, just off the presses.


Nips and Tucks | Remodeling With Decorative Concrete Floors

Recent studies  show that home remodeling is growing in popularity.

And why not? Not everybody is looking to do a quick turn sale on their home. A quiet majority of us want to stay right where we are. Moving or building a new home means starting all over again. Not fun and not cheap.

Remodeling isn’t free, but it can be done in pieces until the whole is accomplished. I like to compare the process to cosmetic surgery that starts with a crooked nose or a droopy eyelid and morphs into a Barbie™ . Nips and tucks around the house could be crooked tile floors or  floors with ratty carpets transformed into sleek, unique and low maintenance decorative concrete.

Using dramatic stain choices, the color options for decorative concrete are endless…you’re hard put to find gray on the list. Concrete Resurrection Reactive Acid Stains imitate nature’s variety because every concrete floor will accept the chemical penetration differently. The new shades at Concrete Resurrection are to die for. Additionally, the Water Reducible Concentrate Stains at Concrete Resurrection bring bold colors to patterns and designs.

Yes, I said “patterns or designs”–there are templates and tools that can be used on the stained concrete to produce tour de force creations that can’t be matched with other flooring choices. Not even Aladdin’s carpet.

Room by room, floor by floor, the remodeling force moves forward with a nip here and a tuck there as time and budget permit. End result—a refreshed but familiar home for you and your family.

You can get that remodeling force rolling with the Idea Book, a free download from Engrave-A-Crete packed with dream stimulating photos of flooring creativity that began with concrete.