Seven Reasons to Farm the Farmers’ Market for an Autumn Harvest of Decorative Concrete

As produce is beginning to show up on the summer scene, Farmers’ Markets are kicking into high gear across the country.

What’s nice about using the Farmers’ Market as a marketing venue?

  1. You don’t have to plan or commit months in advance to get a spot as you would for a home show
  2. The spaces are usually quite economical
  3. You get to market to all kinds of people, both shoppers and other vendors, in a relaxed, but buying mood
  4. You will be unique among the garden produce, small animals, poultry, crafts, food (lots of baked goods) and other services who see the venue as a place to contact people.
  5. The markets are usually one day a week
  6. They are open air, but early in the morning before heat makes brains shut down.
  7. You get an early shot at some good produce and maybe a chicken or bunny or puppy or free kitten for your own yard.

    Keep your booth simple and appealing. Bring a lawn chair and umbrella if you aren’t in a park with trees. Be ready to visit with passers-by.  Personal Marketing at the Farmers’ Market is a ‘tested’ method.

    If you make small things like stepping stones, this is a good place to show them off and maybe sell some. Set out your tri-fold brochures; they’ll get picked up.  Print out a few pages of the Idea Book and frame them so people can see what you do.

    Create a guest book that permits people to give you their contact information. You can follow-up with a note or email to help the business relationship grow into business or referrals. Keep it casual and summer-cool.

    Some of the people you contact won’t make a decision this season. By staying in soft contact with them, you will be on their mind in the winter which is fine for finishing their indoor concrete. Many patios and driveways have been engraved after a homeowner had a basement floor beautified.

    Go farming at the Farmer’s Market — grow some decorative concrete engraving business.