Regular Marketing |Four Tips for Success

Running your own decorative concrete business can be a bit frightening nowadays. We hear reports daily that the economy is down. Or up.  Trading on the stock market is brisk. Or not. Building is on the rise. Or it isn’t.  It’s no wonder you might be feeling a bit insecure.

It’s more important now than ever for you, the decorative concrete engraving business owner, to have a solid marketing routine. Consistency in your marketing efforts is the key to producing good results.

Here are four tips to help you develop a successful marketing strategy.

  1. Keep going. Regardless of how you send out your message – print, television, radio, flyers, business cards, etc – if it only goes out once, you’re just wishing, hoping and praying it will reach the homeowner or business owner who’s looking for a decorative concrete installer right now. Wishing is not a good strategy. Repeated effort is.
  2. Develop a plan, make a list, check it off, repeat. Marketing strategies must be carried out on a regular basis. Take a look at this monthly plan as an example:
  • Week one –  focus on your website. If you don’t have one, get one. That’s how people roll these days when they need a service. If you can’t afford a professional, then make your own using an online site builder. If you already have a website, use this week to add new job pictures, update info or add an informative blog post.
  • Week two – focus on print. Whether it’s an ad, putting out or collecting signs from your job site (You are using these, aren’t you?), or handing out business cards, this is the week to do it.
  • Week three – focus on networking. Of course this one goes on all the time as you meet perspective new clients, but seek out new places this week to tell others what you do.
  • Week four – Call one past customer every day. They’re your best salespeople and they can provide you with some good leads.
  • Every week – Post about your work on Facebook, Twitter and other social media at least every 2-3 days. Post pictures of jobs in progress or tweet about how great a stain color turned out. It should not be a sales pitch, but a reminder that you’re out there working hard to produce good looking work. Every reader is a potential prospect, so keep your company’s name in front of them. And above all, make every post positive. This is not the place to complain.
  • Repeat the cycle every month. No skipping! If you’re going on vacation, assign the tasks to someone else.

3.  Keep the cash flowing.  A regular marketing strategy is the secret to a regular cash flow. When you engage in start and stop marketing, you’ll see start and stop profits. Make marketing a top priority, even when business is good.

4.  Evaluate your efforts. Keep records of where your leads are coming from and which ones are converting into sales. This will help you streamline your strategy and get the most from your marketing dollar.