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decorative concrete remodelConcrete is a wonderful building material. Problem is, it’s a huge reservoir of energy. Engineers call it embodied energy. It’s the energy used to mine the limestone, grind it into a powder, mix it with water, bake it, grind it into a powder again all while transporting it numerous times.

According to a recent article in Concrete Construction magazine, “Concrete produces 5 percent of global CO2 emissions – as much as the entire country of Russia.” That’s huge!

Why are we telling you this? Each of us in the decorative concrete industry should understand our resources and their impact on the world. Sharing that info with your clients may convince them to remodel rather than replace their concrete. That’s…

  • Good news for you because you’ll earn a profit,
  • Good news for the client because they’ll soon have lovely, durable decorative concrete, and
  • Good for the environment because many potential CO² molecules will be eliminated by not requiring new concrete.

Concrete ready for decorative concrete makeover


That’s not even considering the fossil fuels used or the emissions from tear outs, bringing in new, and disposing of the old.


Decorative concrete flagstone


Engrave-A-Crete systems and processes are designed to make existing concrete look good. Beautiful even! Check out our gallery. You’ll find some great before & after pics that prove our point.


Of course you will encounter a few instances of unusable, unstable concrete that must be torn out. For most concrete surfaces, though, simply making them more attractive and livable is the goal.

So, when you’re staining and engraving that next job, know that you’re helping sustain a healthy world environment that generally gets far too much abuse.

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Introducing ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayers

NEW – ReCharger Variable Mist Sprayers join our fine line of decorative concrete accessories designed for applying color to concrete and other cementitious surfaces.

The intelligent solution to aerosols, ReCharger sprayers are easily recharged using compressed air. Their complete portability makes them ideal for decorative concrete applications.

ReChargers are available in 24 oz, 16 oz, and 8 oz sizes. All are industrial quality, refillable, have corrosion-resistant working parts, and chemical-resistant interiors and exteriors.

ReCharger 24 oz sprayers

24 oz ReCharger sprayer


The 24 oz ReCharger features an adjustable nozzle that ranges from extra fine mist to a pin stream.



ReCharger 8 oz 16 oz sprayers

8 oz or 16 oz ReCharger sprayer


The 8 oz and the 16 oz ReChargers come with an extra valve and nozzle assortment including 2 fine, 2 regular, 2 medium, 2 coarse and 1 pin stream.



ReChargers are excellent for use with Concrete Resurrection Ten Second Color™ Dye, Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain, and interior or exterior acrylic sealers. ReCharger sprayers are not suitable for use with acid stain.

Have questions about the ReCharger? Email us at or give us a call at 800-884-2114.

Check out our entire line of accessories designed for coloring concrete  here.

Introducing Mongoose 3 |Reliable Performance, Extreme Value

Concrete Decor banner ad Mongoose 3Engrave-A-Crete is pleased to announce the addition of the Mongoose 3 to its famous Mongoose™ family of decorative concrete engravers. The Mongoose 3 features innovative three-wheel design coupled with the quality, dependability and versatility people have come to expect from Engrave-A-Crete – all for a low introductory price of only $895 for a limited time only.

The Mongoose 3 includes…

  • Flip-Up Front Pointer – Easily aligns with chalk line or flips up and out of the way for tight spaces.
  • Vacuum Port – Impact shield slows debris at the source and channels it into the vacuum for nearly dust-free cutting.
  • Spring Loaded Cutting Head – Press down to cut. Release and the blade pops out of the cut.
  • Powerful Motor – Turns at 10,000 RPM for the power you need to engrave concrete quickly and efficiently.
  • Adjustable Length Wheel Base – Ideal for moving from straight line cutting to circular cuts.
  • Depth Control Screw – Easily adjust to compensate for blade wear and maintaining consistent cutting depth.
  • Wide Wheels – Provide better traction and stability
  • Low Introductory Price –$895 – Limited Time Only!

The Mongoose 3 is capable of a wide range of cuts including tile, straight lines, several slate/block patterns, and various polygons. Upgrade to include a center pivot for engraving perfect circles and arcs.

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Decorative Concrete Mosaic | Problem Solved!

mosaic turtle close upThe best decorative concrete ideas often evolve from a problem.

Here’s the problem one of our friends faced: How to install a mosaic-look turtle into existing concrete without disturbing the surrounding concrete or adding an overlay.

Join our journey as we use our tools, products and imaginations to come up with an attractive yet cost effective solution.

First we design and make a template of a turtle.

The template openings represent the tile/glass elements in the finished design. The template and/or the openings can be any size we want, but we opt for a 3’ x 3’ finished design.

Next we prep and then seal the concrete to prevent scratching the surface during the engraving process.

Engraving the decorative concrete mosaic turtle with the Barracuda


The template is placed into position and we use the KaleidoCrete Barracuda to cut the pattern into the surface. It’s cut pretty deeply – 1/8” or more.



Cleaning the edges of the decorative concrete mosaic turtle using the Wasp.



The Wasp works perfectly to clean the edges so they are as vertical as possible.



Decorative concrete mosaic turtle with template removed


Time to remove the template and see what we have! The design looks like a negative image right now, but that’s normal.



Sealing the engraved depressions of the mosaic turtle.


The next step, after vacuuming the debris from the area, is to heavily seal within the cut areas to prevent the colored epoxy from migrating through the pores of the concrete and causing raveled looking edges. We want crisp, clean edges like a piece of embedded glass would have.


When the sealer is dry, the cut depressions are ready to fill with epoxy.

We create custom colors of epoxy to fill the cuts, being sure to make enough of each one to complete the project. Combining the epoxy resin (Part A) with the color tint(s) until it’s blended and and reaches the desired color works best, and then we add the cure (Part B) and mix according to directions.

Adding epoxy to the engraved decorative concrete mosaic turtle.

We pour small streams of epoxy into the cuts. It’s important to under fill each one because the epoxy tends to creep out.

Two or more colors are swirled in some of the cuts to resemble the pattern found on turtle shells.


Once the epoxy has completely cured, we add sealer and floor finish.

Finished decorative concrete mosaic turtle.



Voilá! A mosaic (looking) turtle is born! No overlay necessary and the surrounding concrete is undisturbed. Problem solved!




You can adapt this project to any design you want, and it’s easy to install. Give us a call to order your custom template (they’re surprisingly inexpensive) and put your KaleidoCrete Barracuda and Wasp to work as you offer your customers a new look in engraved concrete.

Caution: If you plan to do a project like this, be sure you’re working on a level surface so the epoxy remains inside the cuts and dries flat. A sloped working surface can cause big problems!

We’d love to see the projects you have going. Simply email us pictures at and we’ll be happy to share them on our social media sites.

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Floor Prep Tip |Avoiding Moisture Damage

Protect the bottom unfinished edge of cabinets during floor prep.Protecting wood trim and cabinets during interior concrete floor prep prior to decorative concrete staining is important.

Removing wood base or cabinets that likely have an unfinished bottom edge that comes in contact with the concrete is the best idea.



Even though you have an assistant with a wet vac cleaning up the dirty water spewing from your floor machine, moisture may seep under the wood and be wicked up. This may result in the wood swelling or other damage.

protect wood trim during floor prep prior to decorative concrete stainingA Quick Tip

When removing wood isn’t an option, here’s a quick fix. Run a bead of cheap silicone caulk where wood and concrete join to form a seal against the moisture. Allow it to dry. When you’re finished with the floor prep, just peel away the caulk strip.

For other quick tips, visit the Tips of the Trade section of our website.

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