Flooring Consultants, Inc. of Sherwood, AR Prove Floors Sell

Elegant "Charm Square" Floor Engraving

Floors Sell

That’s the experience of the home builder who hired Flooring Consultants, Inc. of Sherwood, Arkansas to perform decorative concrete magic on the floors of a newly constructed home.

Bob Nesbitt, owner of Flooring Consultants, Inc, used the natural color of the concrete as contrasting, yet coordinating ‘strips’ in a tasteful modification of a Charm Square quilt pattern.

The home owner said his buying decision was influenced by the beautiful, low maintenance floors which offer color, design and a sense of “HOME.”

Nesbitt is a frequent and welcome visitor at the Discovery and Training Seminars held by Engrave-A-Crete, and is always encouraging to students who attend.

Bob Nesbitt
Flooring Consultants, Inc
Sherwood, Arkansas | North Little Rock, Arkansas
(501) 835-7892