Engrave-A-Crete Business Starter Package #3

Continuing with our business packages overview, today we’ll introduce you to Business Package #3.

Business Package #3 includes:

  • The Mongoose 411 Pro Pack: Mongoose 411 Concrete Engraver; a Center Pivot; 6 Connecting Tubes; 4 Blades (4.0 x .090 Premium USA Diamond Blade, 4.0 x .125 Premium USA Diamond Blade, 4.0 x .250 Premium USA Diamond Blade, 4.0 x .375 Premium USA Diamond Blade); Mastering Concrete Engraving -The Basics DVD; 500 Brochures For Your Imprinting; Easy Roll Storage Case; Trammel Point Layout Kit; Training Manual w/ Design Ideas; Wide – High Traction Wheels.
  • The KaleidoCrete System: Mochton Stylus Shark Concrete Engraver; Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp Concrete Engraver; Barracuda Concrete Engraver; Accessory Items (Includes: Tool Box; 50′ Air Hose w/ Couplers; Air Nozzle Duster; Replacement Stylus Impactors for Shark (130/pk); Replacement Impactor for Wasp); Deluxe Template Set.

    The Sandroid is an innovative tool for blasting decorative designs into existing concrete. It creates a fine impression in the concrete slab by blasting away the top surface of sealer, stain and concrete. Sandroid can create very delicate images as well as distinguished designs.

    All in one… Sandroid blasts the design and simultaneously vacuums the debris and blast media to maintain a nearly dust free environment. It automatically separates the fine dust particles and reuses the blasting media.

    Clean the filters on the vacuum with only the twist of a wrist. The Sandroid’s unique filter purge system allows for long-term usage without disassembling the unit for service. Simply connect your airline to the filter purge valve then open the valve to clear the dust from the filters.

    • Nearly Dust Free Blasting
    • For Use in Interior or Exterior Projects
    • For Use on Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
    • Industrial Strength
    • Dual Vacuum Motors
    • 16 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Body
    • Machined Aluminum Nozzle
    • Vacuum Filter Air Purge Valve
    • Uses Multiple Types of Blast Media
    • Utilizes Engrave-A-Crete Reusable Flexi-Blast Templates or Traditional Sand Blast Mats

    Call 1-800-884-2114 to order.