Decorative Concrete Engraving and the 4th of July

Of course you are marketing your business in the Independence Day Parades. Well, why not?

You are worth a slot on the float list and there is still time to get ready. Even Chevy Trucks and This Old House give mention to parades and parade floats.

The quick and easy parade float includes YOU,  your best walking shoes, a T-Shirt with your Company name and phone number on it (or a sign pinned to your shirt — front and back), and a couple HUGE bags of wrapped candy that you toss to kids along the way.

You could pull your Mongoose around in the kids’ little Red Flyer wagon.

Or get in gear and decorate your truck. Just don’t forget the CANDY. And take your kids, or borrow some.

If you absolutely REFUSE to be a self-contained parade float, you could donate a generous gift card to one of the float theme winners. Be on hand when it is awarded to take advantage of a photo-op with the local paper. If you can’t get together with the paper, be on hand with your own camera, then post the photo on your Facebook page. Present the gift card in a nice greeting card and envelope, signed by your company, of course.

There are other celebration festivities that you SHOULD not miss with your little deck of gift cards. You know the community will have a Miss Parade, maybe even a Little Miss Parade chosen at every event, Independence Day and others. You can get your name mentioned over and over through the events by simply donating a gift card — the larger the amount, the more mention you can expect. But, definitely, getting on the donor list with even a $25 gift card for anything from book stores, clothing stores, restaurants, I-tunes, is good for you.

Donor lists are often acknowledged in local print media (unique advertising), some broadcasting media and on sponsoring websites. You can even add a blurb to all of your internet marketing — website, social media, email marketing mentioning that you were one of the sponsors/donors for the event.

Somewhere in the area that you serve with decorative concrete engraving there is an event with a parade. They don’t charge you to advertise yourself in the parade. If you follow the parade’s theme on your parade float, you may even win a prize. Of course, the best prize is the one that involves embedding yourself and your business in the minds of the people viewing the parade. That is always a winner for you.

Get ready and have a wonderful 4th of July while you are at it.