Six LinkedIn Profile Tips To Get You More Attention

Begin by setting up a free LinkedIn Account. Your profile is a traveling brochure for you — available to the public and the search engines, plus VERY available to people in the LinkedIn network who can use your decorative concrete services.

The headline on your new profile is important — it is that first impression. Make it say what and who you are in 120 characters including punctuation.

Example for Joe Contractor: Decorative Concrete | Engraving | Staining | Polishing | Finding Existing Concrete’s Low Maintenance Beauty (this is only 93 characters)

Use the SUMMARY area to describe everything you can do with concrete. Don’t expect people to read your mind. You can add sections, then lift the things you do the VERY best out for the Specialties area.

Your experience is valuable — people can look at your work history as you list it, plus see the continuity of your experience through employers to being self-employed.

Connections and recommendations will come as soon as you have completed your account.

The website listing space is something that is often misinterpreted. Where LinkedIn has a default “Company Website,” they intend for you to put your company name. Doing so  helps reinforce your name with one more mention instead of a default faceless link. If you have a Twitter account, you can list it here to extend your marketing efforts.

A great deal more can be done with LinkedIn, but it all takes time and planning. For the beginning, simply use LinkedIn as another Internet Billboard and let it work for you 24/7.

If you have questions about LinkedIn profiles, just ask in the comments section below. Or, ask at our Facebook page “Engrave-A-Crete Decorative Concrete Engraving Tools and Supplies”




Shout Out to The Neighborhood | Google+ Paired with Google Local

Your neighborhood is the geographical area that you can realistically work with. You might travel across the country for a decorative concrete job sometimes, but mostly you will want to work where you can go back home at the end of the day.

Setting up an account for your business (no charge) at is one of your first steps to help people in your neighborhood find you. That account will get you on the Google maps with a description of your business and the contact information. As people use the computer or their smart phones more to retrieve directions or a phone number, being where they can easily find you is extremely useful. The guy they can find has a head start on getting the job. Plan to be that guy!

Google+ goes hand in hand with Google Local. I confess to being a beginner with Google+. I know for certain the profile is available, working for the account holder. There are many businesses who are working with their Google+ accounts to post images, updates and blog posts, just as we do with other social media sites. Aim for the target that you want — getting your profile out there in public.  The direct connection between Google+ and Local is still in development. However, savvy local businesses will be seeking connection with you and will covet a +1 rating from you. Some of them are potential customers who can give the +1 rating back to you.

Social media sites are connections for real people. They work best for your business when you put some networking effort into them. Getting your profiles built solidly is the place to start. Those profiles will work for you as much as they can with as much social fuel as you can give them. Turn them loose in your neighborhood.

If you have questions about your profiles with the Google options, please feel free to ask them at the comments area for this post. Or you can ask at our Engrave-A-Crete Facebook page. Engrave-A-Crete Decorative Concrete Engraving Tools & Supplies



Special Prices for February 2012 Decorative Concrete Training Seminar


February 2012 decorative concrete Discovery and Training Seminar has new things to show the students and some intriguing specials.

After registering to attend at the regular $895.00 tuition, an attendee can add another person (buddy) for the Bring-A-Buddy special pricing.

Sign up your buddy by January 27th, 2012 and he pays only $295 for the full three days of hands-on training in the huge facility specially designed for learning decorative concrete engraving. After the 27th, the price changes according to the following schedule.

Sign up by February 3 and the additional attendee pays $395.00

Sign up by February 10 and the additional attendee pays $495.00

Sign up by February 17 and the additional attendee pays $595.00

The February 17th amount is an impressive discount for Seminar tuition. But, acting NOW can result in even greater saving. Plus signing up earlier can give you a better assurance of a spot because the session is limited to 21 seats.

The seminar includes hands-on use of the quality Engrave-A-Crete tools and Concrete Resurrection stains and sealers. There will be an installation session for the new Solar Lightpod System. Arrive a day early and watch Darrel preview the awesome Composite Stoneworks system and process at 2:00 pm on Tuesday. To learn more, check out the Engrave-A-Crete web site where you can view videos and photos from previous seminars.

Call 800-884-2114 today to get your seminar registration going. We look forward to seeing you.


Winter Weather Affects Shipment of Decorative Concrete Supplies | DO NOT FREEZE!

Cold Weather Shipping Plans for Engrave-A-Crete & Concrete ResurrectionIt’s that time of year again! Winter means we must make proper arrangements to protect Concrete Resurrection decorative concrete  products from freezing.

When you’re planning an order adequate delivery times must be factored in. If you have questions, please call 800-884-2114. The friendly staff at Engrave-A-Crete will help you set up a plan that will keep your shipment safe while allowing it to arrive on time.

Products that are subject to damage if allowed to freeze are:

  • Inside Acrylic
  • Epoxy
  • Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) Stains
  • Inside Floor Finish
  • Polychromatic Stains
  • Liquid Modifier for Mantello Resurfacer

In Missouri, we’ve had an amazingly mild winter so far, but the weatherman is promising more cold for February. We know that the winter will come. Some of the nice days have very cold nights. Some orders are headed where ‘mild winter’ is a myth.

Working together, we can keep things going forward without damage to the stains and supplies needed to transform concrete in to amazing works of art.


I Cannot Tell a Lie | Awesome Composite Stoneworks Preview at February Seminar

February 2012 decorative concrete Discovery and Training Seminar will encompass history and be in session for Washington’s Birthday. Seminar dates are February 22, 23, & 24, 2012. This seminar kicks off multiple new aspects for decorative concrete, including the scaling price for the second person (buddy) attending. With one registration at regular price, a buddy can attend for $295 until January 27, then the price increases. Call 800-884-2114 for specific details.

Here is the truth that I promised you! On February 21 (that’s Tuesday) afternoon, Darrel will be presenting another awesome preview of Composite Stoneworks. Using high density styrofoam, artistic cutting and assembly, Mantello resurfacer and Concrete Resurrection stains, Darrel will show how to create dramatic arches, huge signs and even a man-cave. The Composite Stoneworks system can be used to create lightweight, but sturdy ‘stone’ walls, signs and more.

Call today for a reservation. We want you in Missouri for Washington’s Birthday and a 3 day hands-on training session that will open new avenues of revenue for you with decorative concrete. The concrete engraving concept is valid as a stand-alone business and a great addition to an existing concrete, building or hardscape business. Engrave-A-Crete’s seminar is focused on giving the students the opportunity to use engraving tools that change concrete by cutting, impacting and sandblasting. High quality Concrete Resurrection stains and sealers contribute to the final effect that changes plain gray concrete into a useful and beautiful part of any property.

Come a day early and preview the newest system — Composite Stoneworks. There is no charge for the Tuesday session which begins at 2:00 PM.

There are only 21 seats available for the February 2012 Seminar. Calling 800-884-2114 will be your next smart move for 2012. And that is no lie.